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GF Rating

Above Average

i enjoyed playing

posted by LogKenosha (KENOSHA, WI) Apr 27, 2007

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Member since Aug 2006

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This game is entertaining. the game play is easy to use. the animation is quick, and there is virtually no load times. the graphics are ok. there are great colors to the game.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

I R R I T A T I N G !

posted by clintonk (SAN MARCOS, CA) May 7, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

If you MUST have this game make sure you pay less than five bucks or just rent it so you won't feel bad when you use it for a coaster for your drink. This genre sucks anyways but this one takes it to a whole new level of WORTHLESSNESS! Mumbo Jumbo usually makes great addictive puzzle games however the only puzzle here is why anyone would find this game fun. Getting blown-up every 15 seconds, lack of strategy, lack of interesting game play, but HEY it's got great colors! BRING A BOOK! This game has NO redeeming qualities. IT'S JUST IRRITATING AND FORGETTABLE!

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GF Rating


Unique, but could use more polish.

posted by AnimeGamer (EUGENE, OR) Apr 23, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

This oddball title reminded me of the rare other games made using the claymation art style, games like SkullMonkeys (PS1) and the ClayFighter series (SNES). While the graphical charm is there, this game really stumbles after a couple levels. My first gripe is the screen, Platypus was ported from the PC and made its debut back in 2002, which makes it clear why the graphics seem very condensed and cramped. That`s not to say the graphics are bad, just that the PSP`s screen is far too small to be showing all of the level details crammed into it. Making things worse is that each bullet fired at you is a tiny and small orange dot, barely visible amongst the clutter. Your weapon upgrades could use some work, they are: rapid fire (typical), spread shot (inaccurate), a wave (very weak), and missiles (useless). Its annoying that for every boss battle the game heavily insists on giving you the missile upgrade which is slow to fire, non-homing and useless in most situations. The other main annoyance is how the music, which you`ll want to hear, completely disappears once you start firing away because the sound FX to Music ratio is way off. The sound of your virtual pellets completely overpowers the music, and CANNOT be turned off! You can disable music but not the sound FX? Great. Add to that repetitive enemy types, and all you have left are some unique graphics coupled with an unpolished game. Not worth a purchase, play either any R-Type or the rare gem Einhander back on PS1.

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