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Harry fell in a pitfall, but he's alright.

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) May 16, 2009

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Pitfall: The Big Adventure is a re-release of the Lost Expedition released some years back. If you liked that game... well, you probably have no reason to play this one. If you didn't, you might find that the controls are made more cumbersome by the motion-sensor controls of the Wii.
The story follows Pitfall Harry as he looks for the lost city of El Dorado, batting natives, scorpions and penguins (you heard me) along the way. Of course, there are buxom babes to save as well and mystical foes to defeat. It's actually pretty standard stuff, but it works.
Seriously, you're playing the game for the action. And while the game has some action, it gets a bit squashed by overly-complicated controls. The best example I can give you are the pickaxes, which allow you to climb certain surfaces. Most games would simply let you navigate around these walls until you wish to get off, but Pitfall makes you rotate the control stick while shaking both the nunchuk and Wiimote to achieve the same thing. As I said, overly complicated. There are some truly frustrating moments and odd design choices that bring this game down.
What the game has going for it is content. With shamans to locate, explorers to rescue, idols to find and mini-games to complete there's plenty to do. The main quest lasts for awhile, although much attention is given to backtracking.
In the end, Pitfall is a nice diversion, but nothing special. You'll like tossing TNT at your enemies and get a smile out of the dung-chucking monkeys, but you could live without it. The technical and design flaws in the game are too noticeable to dismiss, making this a take it or leave it title.

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A classic gone wrong

posted by Cuddles (HAMLIN, NY) Apr 15, 2009

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Oh how I wanted to like this game. I loved the old pitfall on the atari 2600. So I was really excited when this game came out.

Then I tried the game. Wow! Bad just seems like an understatement. I don't know which is worse- the camera or the controls

The controls are horrid. 1 slight movement of the wii remote- and I mean slight -will cause your camera and your character to jump in opposite directions. Even just moving your fingers while holding the remote will cause your direction to change. Your guy will swing in directions that you don't want them to go. Jumping is almost impossible in some areas.
The control set up is really awkward. Some of the buttons and remote swings that they require you to do- cause cramps in your hand and don't feel right.

The camera is really awful. Like the controls- the camera just randomly swings around making jumping and vine catching a real pain. There is an option to center the camera behind the character, but it never really centers properly and it only does it for a split second. The camera also tends to cause motion sickness for me because of the way it moves. You can also try to look ahead but you can never tell how close or how far you are away from vines. That leads to a ton of deaths by over shooting or under jumping to them.

Both the controls and the camera result in massive amounts of cheap deaths and restarts.

The game is a port of the old gamecube game: pitfall the lost expedition. It is playable on the wii and it is a much better choice than this version. The graphics are about the same as the gamecube version as well.

This title is just really disappointing. If they spent more time on the controls and camera- it would have been a fun game. Don't waste your time on this one. Try the older gamecube version.

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posted by awesum34 (NORTH DARTMOUTH, MA) Oct 26, 2008

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this game was kinda sad in ways that it simply isnt the classic pitfall game that i rented.way 2 confusing,mite b enjoyable if it came with directions.anyways dont rent this game. it not worth it.

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