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How Not to Play Dodgeball

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 15, 2009

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There are many ways to spice up the classic dodgeball game - dressing the players up as ninjas and Mushroom Men isn't one of them.
Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball has the players playing dodgeball and a similar sport called dodgebrawl (which is dodgeball with melee weapons thrown in.)
The game play is the same as the real sport; pick up ball, pass ball and hit other team player with ball (or melee weapon).
Two teams, each varying between one and four players, go at it. Each dodgeball hit takes a bit of life out of the target. When the life meter runs out, that player is out of the match. First team to lose all their players loses the match.
If the mechanics are perfect, this might be a fun game. But that is not the case. (Oh, this game has sooo many technical problems in it).
Balls wander off camera so often that I think they're camera shy. Getting to said balls is aggrivating.
The ball stays the same size no matter where it's on the court, so it's tough to tell where the ball is on the court.
When I do get to a ball, picking it up is a chore; many times my player would walk past the ball.
When I finally get the ball and try to hit the other team, sometimes they catch the ball (something the player can rearly do), sometimes they don't. Sometimes the ball goes off in a different direction then I wanted it to go.
I got no joy out of the solo mode; it's just one bad story after another as I try to unlock a new dodge ball team. What's the use? There's no real difference between pirates, aliens, robots, or any other team on display here.
Some levels in solo mode are tough because it puts limits on what I can do, but not on the AI (in one instance, I couldn't use melee weapons, but the AI can hack me up all it wants. It's frustrating.)
I say you'll have more fun playing the real game in a real playground than Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball on the Wii. SKIP IT.

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Worst Game Ever

posted by Blueranger (VISALIA, CA) Sep 15, 2009

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Just when I thought no game could be worse than Chicken Shoot. I was wrong so very wrong. If your thinking about renting this don't waist your time. The controls are difficult to use. It's hard to see what's going on. In short this game is about as much fun as having you teeth drilled without novocine.

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pirates vs ninja dodgeball

posted by codperson (LITTLETON, CO) Nov 3, 2009

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dodgeball for the wii a great idea. but such a horrible game.

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