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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


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Pirates of the Caribbean: Real Short Game

posted by PittaMan (TRACY, CA) Jul 29, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

If you are looking for a good single serving, play for 30 minutes a game, this is a great choice. It’s got enough to get you to play for a bit, just not enough for a few hours at a time. You’ll find yourself putting it down in the morning, only to pick it up for a level or 2 in afternoon.

Although the game play is extremely liner, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest manages to provide a few hours of entertaining bad-guy-bashing, and manages to follow the story well. It only leaves out the very uneventful parts that would make for a boring beat-em’up game.

If you’ve ever played any plat forming brawler, there are no surprises here. For those that haven’t, a brawler or “beat-em’up” is when the main character set out across a story arc, and each level has to pound their way from the beginning to the end of each level, usually using nothing more that brute force.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing adorned with certain features that make beating up people fun. PotC:DMC happens to do a decent job of sprinkling in enough combos to give you something new to try once in a while, although you may find yourself using the same 1 or 2 over and over due to their effectiveness. Other things include finding gold dropped by the bad guys. Gold is used in the Extras menu to purchase unlockables like Game Art and other things, but also some useful weapons and even playable characters that you can change at will during the game.

The puzzles aren’t overly difficult. And in this case, is probably a good thing. You frequently have to do things like grab a torch, light it on fire, and burn down barriers. Or pick up a bucket of water to put or fire. You occasionally use a cannon to shoot things, but its already aimed, just fire.

There are a couple of mini-game between levels, but they are skippable. Both facts are unfortunate considering it’s the only real time you use the touch screen for basically anything.

All in all, if ya want a quick butt kickin fix, give it a whirl.

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