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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


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Arrrrrrrrrr....Good Fun, Decent Graphics

posted by RKDynamic (PLANO, IL) Jun 17, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

Pirates is a pretty decent game, and is definitely worth a rent... especially if you enjoyed the movies.

PotC: AWE walks you through the second and third movies of the trilogy at a decent pace. The game can be challenging based on its own merits, BUT I found myself frustrated more than once because of wiimote control issue. Sometimes it takes the Wii 3 or 4 waggles in a particular direction before it picks up on the motion. This can be EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING if you are in the middle of a Jackanism (more in a minute...) and it doesn't pick up on a motion. I have no idea why a game like Wii Sports can mimic the every move of a baseball bat, yet other games can't seem to pull it off.

A "Jackanism" is a wii specific part of the game that flashes a motion/button press onto the screen for you to do/press. If you do the correct motion in a very short time period, the mini-cut-scene like action will continue. If you don't, you lose whatever the final prize of the Jackanism might have been.

After I got used to the "multiple waggles = one motion on screen", I began enjoying the game more. There is plenty of sub-quests and collect 4 of these type quests to keep the completionist happy for a while. Combat, once you get the hang of it, is pretty intuitive. The graphics are not gorgeous by any stretch, but they are very decent on the wii.

I gave the game a 6 because of the sometimes frustrating controls, but I had fun and I'd rent it again later to finish it off!

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Do Yourself a Favor and...

posted by Rid117 (ROBERTSVILLE, MO) Jun 9, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

Every once in a while we get a good videogame based on a movie, and this is one of those times. The title of the game may suggest that this game only takes place during the events of “At World's End.” However, roughly half the games take place during “Dead Man’s Chest.”

First of all the game looks very good, and the audio is decent too, although it doesn’t quite capture the epic score of the movies. Regrettably the game play is the games major downfall. The action in the game is hardly comparable to the amazing action scenes of the movie trilogy. The combat in the game is repetitive and extremely simple. The inclusion of split-screen co-op and competitive multiplayer is nice to see but feels tacked on.

Do yourself a favor and rent this game, or avoid it altogether.

Additional Info.
· 2 player co-op and competitive play
· 4 playable characters in story mode
1. Jack Sparrow
2. Will Turner
3. Elizabeth Swan
4. Hector Barbossa
· The Xbox 360 version also includes
1. Joshamee Gibbs
2. Pintel
3. Ragetti
· There are 13 unlockable characters
1. Davy Jones
2. Tai Huang
3. Chevalle
4. Sumbahjee
5. Eduardo Villanueva
6. Cutler Beckett
7. Mercer
8. James Norrington
9. Teague Sparrow
10. Jocard
11. Ammand
12. Ching
13. Bootstrap Bill

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fun .. but spastic

posted by j3nzii (NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA) Jun 5, 2007

Member since Nov 2003

overall it is a fun game. The gameplay is a little spaztic and doesn't work 100% of the time. The graphics could be better.

But it was fun game to play through with a group of friends.

However the sword action does tend to make your arm very sore!

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