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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


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If pirates used a Wiimote...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) May 1, 2008

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In the annals of movie tie-in games, few titles are worth the discs they're printed on. Only a few are truly noteworthy (Goldeneye 007 and Chronicles of Riddick come to mind). Luckily, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is not bad. In fact, it's pretty cohesive, but .
Basically, you play a bunch of main characters from the Pirates movies in swashbuckling missions. You use the Wiimote to slash and stab opponents, chaining those actions for combos. You also get knives, pistols and bombs as equipment for those tough spots. The minions tend to attack you in waves of two or three, but you have some boss battles that have you dueling one on one. Occasionally, you'll stumble upon quick time button sequences, but they're pretty infrequent.
Many of the levels play out with one battle after another, which is very repetitive. However, several levels take place in ports where you can complete sub-missions and play pirate dice and poker. These also include quite a bit of repetitive swordplay, but they're much less linear.
This game actually has most of the story from Dead Man's Chest in addition to At World's End, mostly because that title had no game of it's own. Still, it's not all that long, but bonus objectives could cause devoted players to revisit levels. You can also unlock challenge mode and duel a friend. Still, the limited gameplay (keep swinging that Wiimote until your hand gives out, rinse, repeat) will likely have you ending this back quick. It flows well and has a nice flair to it, but it's a lot of flash with little substance.

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About what I expected...

posted by tvwebguy (Mentone, CA) May 26, 2007

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My first impressions are that the graphics could have been a bit better. But, modeling people is more difficult then modeling cars or something.

The game play is pretty good and the controls work well enough. But, after a bit of swashbuckling, it becomes more about throwing your arms around a less about strategy. That said, the sword play is still enjoyable.

Their is a dice mini-game that is absolutely boring. I still haven't figured out what the real purpose of it is.

Overall, for a third party game, it's not to bad. Definitely worth a rent.

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Fun, but short on game save abilities

posted by kevinj (SAINT JOHNS, FL) Sep 27, 2007

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The game is fun.

But, the abilities to save the game are sorely lacking.

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