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Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat


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GF Rating


A pirate's life for me

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Oct 6, 2008

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I've played a few pirate-themed games in my time. While I'd have to give top honors to Sid Meier's Pirates (the thinking man's swashbuckler tale) and Skies of Arcadia (if that counts), I'd say Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat is next on the list.
Unlike so many other games focused on the pirate's life, Black Kat knows it's audience. Instead of bogging players down with stat tracking, long stretches of running or endless waves of nameless lackeys, this game has you exploring islands for buried treasure and battling on the high seas.
You play Black Kat (Katarina), a buxom young pirate with a sword and dead parents to avenge. The perfect setting for an adventure, the game takes you on the quest to find all the chartstones, which will lead Katarina to the main villain, Hawke.
The game strikes a nice balance between depth and accessibility. You get a few collection quests and upgrades along the way, as well as a bunch of additional weapons. However, you'll usually feel satisfied just slashing away at skeletons and apes. A few boss battles and liberating forts from your ship help diversify the action.
While it evades many pitfalls of the genre, it still falls into a few. Continually slogging through islands hacking everything in your way and looking for a bunch of treasure chests becomes boring after awhile. Although there are several chains of islands, it basically boils down to some ice levels, some fire levels, etc. Also, a complete lack of towns, trading or mini quests cut into it's overall play time.
Still, this game is far more engaging than Pirates of the Caribbean, which came out around the same time, and proves far less buggy. I'd even say it's better than At World's End, a relatively recent entry in the genre. If you didn't play it back in 2002, why not try it now?

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a true game

posted by BankBen (FORT PIERCE, FL) Jan 2, 2009

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this is a favorite to me. and a true classic. very entertaining

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pirates the legend of the black cat

posted by chaz_34 (TANGIER, VA) Nov 19, 2011

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This game was an excellent game loved it. Kept me on my feet the whole time... I was wondering if they have ever come out with the second one of this game if so please send me the second one,or anything like this game send it. And one more thing about my credit card,you said you had problems with it. please try it again they should have the money in there okay.....Thanx for all that you have done for me,i am very satisfied with all your business......CHARLES DISE,,,,,Because i want to stay with you all for awhile...Thanx and take care......

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