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Birthday (Boy or Girl) (your birthday)

5 Coins

New items

Change the system date to a different time or date in order to get new items in the shop. This works well for going back to a date that you missed, or forward to a date that you cannot wait for (for example, Christmas).

Succubus (October 31st)

321 Coins

Bat Treats (October 31st)

400 Coins

Jack Hat (October 31st)

4000 Coins

Elf Skirt (December 25th)

300 Coins

Jolly Suit (December 25th)

300 Coins

Merry Cap (December 25th)

10 Coins

Shantae background

Touch the Ping Pals logo exactly at midnight (00:00:00) when the chime sounds. REMEMBER: Try setting the system clock fifteen seconds before midnight to give you enough time to prepare to do this. Shantae's sexy background will now be unlocked in the "Backgrounds" section of the Items Shop.

Valentine (Boy) (February 14th)

300 Coins

Valentine (Girl) (February 14th)

200 Coins

Vessel Top (February 21st)

700 Coins

Snowflake (March 17th)

250 Coins