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Pimp My Ride

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Avoid this game at all cost

posted by Tigger1595 (CRESTVIEW, FL) Dec 15, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

This game goes beyond horrible. I have had it in my possession for 3 hours now, and find myself placing it into the envelope to send it back. The game play is horrible, the graphics are Saint's Row at best, and it is very boring and/or stupid!

First, the press a button mini games are terrible. Who really wants to walk beside their car and dance for cash. Maybe you'll enjoy the press LB and mash buttons as you 'roll past your homies' for cash instead. What does that have to do with tricking out your whip? Why do you have to gather cash in the first place, aren't you supposed to be a professional shop making great custom cars?

The car handling physics are terrible as well (at least everything is consistent throughout the game.) I would expect a lot more from a game that involves this much driving around town to first earn cash to even begin tricking the car, and then has you driving the car all over town to trick it out. At least driving around town to get parts leads to the best part of the game. After you purchase the parts, you are given a thoughtful little mini game to get a discount. These mini games turned out to be the best part of the game (although they do follow the same game concept of mashing buttons or wiggling the stick.)

Avoid this game at all cost. You will be disappointed by almost everything this game has to offer. I only played it for 3 hours, but honestly that was all I could stand. After the first mini game I played, Ghost Whip Walk, I was literally sitting with my mouth agape wondering what I had just taken part in! I thought that after I had a chance to mod a car things would get better, instead I find myself embarrassed to even discuss the fact I played this game at all. If you really feel the need to create some custom whips, go play Need for Speed Carbon instead. Sure you can't do the insides, but you'll at least be proud of your creations and have better customization options.

Activision, say you're sorry!

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posted by Fullclip21 (STATEN ISLAND, NY) Dec 15, 2006

Member since Dec 2004

not really nething like the show u have to go out and buy tha stuff and do some stupid missions! but idk and then u versus sumone else who pimps out the same car but... this duznt happen in PIMP MY RIDE it is like that in TRICK IT OUT also an MTV show but idk its kinda bad but not too too bad...paycee

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