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Pimp My Ride - An Unbiased Review

posted by Charlito (MIAMI, FL) Jan 20, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

32 out of 33 gamers (97%) found this review helpful

I originally rented this game because I heard it was a pretty easy 1000 points. Someone lied to me.

The game is mildly entertaining for the first few minutes. The maps are fairly diverse, as in, you're not on the EXACT same map for any one level to the next. Sometimes Xzibit says something so asinine, you may laugh. But probably not. If you like the TV show, you may even like the stupid rides you pimp in the game. But probably not.

The game mechanics are uncomely at best. Controlling where your car is going is easily the hardest part of the game. You can't play for more than half an hour without turning off your system in a bloodthirsty rage and kicking your dog. Get used to shouting unforgivable things at your TV. The physics are so unrealistic it made my little sister cry. The graphics are last-gen and the animations are extremely disappointing. At the end of each pimping mission, you would at least expect a pretty fly ride or something. No. Why such high expectations? Have you not been listening? The cars are ridiculous. I would rather just ride a bicycle. The objectives and mini-games are equally daft. They will get old FAST, but you have to keep doing them if you want those Benjamins. Conversely, you could get money to pimp your ride by doing random things around the city like hitting parking meters and other cars... just like in real life. It's almost like they tried to make the game an upsetting experience. All this driving around and meeting shady people in alleys makes me feel like a drug dealer. Perhaps that would have been a better game.

Do not waste your time. Do not waste you money. This game has psychologically scarred me. I gave it a 1 out of 10. There is nothing beneficial about this game. Society is worse because of it. I had to shave my legs after playing because I felt so dirty. Since renting this game, my girlfriend has left me, my dog ran away, I broke an Xbox controller and I think I've gone sterile. Thanks, Xzibit.

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Makes Me Want To Kill Someone!

posted by Demanacus (DENVER, CO) Jul 17, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

29 out of 32 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

I had to go to the Hospital, after playing this game... because it made my EYES BLEED, it was so bad!! The graphics suck, the gameplay sucks, the story sucks, the music sucks, the concept sucks, THE WHOLE GAME SUCKS! Its like they had a "Give Us Your Idea For A Video Game" contest at some random elementary school!

Where to begin? Well, the graphics are on par with PS2 (not very Next-Gen). LAME! The gameplay is horrid! You drive around in a pimped car (they call it a whip) thats hard to control, so you crash into everything. But thats ok, because the object of the game is to crash this dope ride into parking meters, billboards, and other cars, to earn coins, to pay for your pimping. Isnt that a little unrealistic? LAME! The story must've been written by an aspiring 4th Grade Script-Writer. You drive around, crashing into things, to earn enough money to Pimp random peoples rides. LAME! The soundtrack is horrible. I think they got it from an iPod belonging to some random 12-year-old white kid who wants to grow up to be a "Gansta Rapper". It was REDICULOUSLY repetitive. LAME! The concept? Like I said; "Create-A-Video-Game Contest" at a random elementary school. LAME!

So, lets do the math, shall we?

LAME Graphics
+ LAME Gameplay
+ LAME Story
+ LAME Music
+ LAME Concept

Dont waste yours, or your mailmans time.

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Pimp My Ride? Oui s'il vous plaît!

posted by Tivey (METUCHEN, NJ) May 19, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game astutely reflects the modern era in the video game format. Not only has it captured the life of the common "hood", but it has also illustrated the complexity of modifying one's vehicle.

I highly regard this game as well as Lucha Libre: Heroes del Ring. As a minority myself (male, caucasian), I find myself drawn to these games like a horse to water or a cow to pasture.
The mini-game feature allows enormous quantities of fun to be had. For those interested in "Ghost Riding" their "whips" this game should serve as a springboard for your creative needs.

I know what you're thinking, and it pains me to relegate this masterpiece to the lowly level of "9". But there is one grievance I hold against the creators of "Pimp My Ride". The game simply did not quench my proverbial thirst, in that it was far too hasty. The game clearly could have gone on for a millennia and I would have been over the moon with delight.

In closing, bravo to the creative development department at MTV Studios for they have birthed a game that will stand the test of time for its verisimilitude despite its foibles.

A reluctant 9/10.

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