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New Play Control but barely

posted by bemmerich (LINDENHURST, NY) May 5, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

Having played this game originally when it came out I was looking forward to the new play control on the Wii but find it rather underwhelming. Where's the motion control? There are 2 things you constantly do in this game - pick Pikmin and throw Pikmin. And there are two devices in your hands - Wiimote and nunchuck - which are perfect for such activities. And how do you do these things? A button. For both pick and throw. What's "new" about that? My 6 year old kept trying to throw and pick Pikmin by moving the controllers b/c that makes sense if you are going to rerelease a 6 yr. old game and add "new play control" to the title. Yes, the pointer is nice, as is widescreen, but not $30 nice.

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New Play control! same old game ...

posted by traceman11 (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Apr 15, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

This game is alright for people who have never played pikmin before but to all those pikvets there is really nothing new but the controls I mean to a person who has been playing pikmin for a long while vs a newcomer you will be able to clear the whole game plus get the best ending within a week and some of the original sound effects aren't even there like the bulborbs there big grunting and chomping sounds are replaced by chirping now how is that monstorus and you don't even get that satisfying squish you get from crushing a dwarf red bulborb it just chirps ( like the big ones) so unless you are new or want to have a piece of nintendo history or even if you want cheap thrills I recommended it but not to pikmin veterans like myself.

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"Pikmin" A great rehashing of a classing

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 28, 2009

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Member since Jan 2008

The Gamecube classic makes an appearance on the Wii.
For those of you who haven't seen the game before, here's how it goes.
A guy named Captain Olivar is traveling through space when his ship gets hit by a meteorite and crashes on a populated planet (Keep this up and he'll be demoted to Private Olivar.)
Once there, he meets up with tiny humanoids with plants attached to their heads. He calls them Pikmin.
These Pikmin take an instant liking to Olivar and promote him to General Olivar; he now has a group of Pikmin to command.
There are three colored Pikmin: red, the genetic type, yellow, the bombardier type, and the blue, the swimming type.
He will have to use Pikmin to solve puzzles, beat up other creatures, and gather items, including the 30 pieces of his ship so he can return home.
But the biggest problem this game has is if you've played it on the Gamecube, there's no reason to pony up another $30 for this version.
But Pikmin is still a fun game and for those who haven't played the first version will get a kick out of it. RENT IT

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