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Many different ways to kill your Pikmin!!

posted by gonzo3333 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 15, 2006

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This game was a launch title for the Gamecube in late 2001 -- almost 5 years ago. It was a blast to play then, and a blast to play now!

The game looks great. From the menu to the text, it all just seemed... Pikmin-like....

The graphics are really nice. They're not perfect, but they're very colorful and all of the creatures they have just have a look to them that looks really cool.

It's not amazing but it's very nice music to listen to while playing a strategy game. There's not too much music in the game, but what there is, is great! The levels, "The Forest of Hope" and "The Final Trial" have the best songs. There's not one song in this game that is annoying.

Obviously the best part of the game. The first few minutes I ever played, I was liking it only a little. But then I really got into it, and by the end of the first day, I had a blast with the game. You can have three different pikmins. Red, yellow, and blue. Reds are immune to fire and are the strongest, yellows can carry bomb rocks and can be thrown the highest, and blues can go in water. The game isn't too difficult but your pikmin will die if you don't think of a strategic way to get a part for your ship. That only goes for some, however. The first few parts are a breeze to get, and really shouldn't sacrifice many of your beloved pikmin. There really are no weak points to this game. Just the fact that it isn't too long really.

Lasting Appeal
Not a very long game. It should take you about 10 hours. Challenge Mode is fun, but doesn't last too long. But, you'll probably come back to this game a lot. I played and beat it a good 4 times. There are 3 files in this game, and it takes up 19 blocks in your memory card.

So this is a must-play. Whether you rent or buy, you'll get your moneys worth ;)

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One of the best series of Nintendo games ever

posted by Mariobro (CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH) Aug 22, 2008

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This game rocks hard!I couldn't stop playing it after i got it.The game just spoke to me when i got it. It said "Buy me"now i just cant stop playing it im hoping to get Pikmin 2 and to be able to write a good review on that game to.This is a real time strategy game and it's great for people who like mind games.Bottom line rent it buy it keep it!!!Stop reading this and get it!!

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Pikmin RULES!!!!!

posted by BadReview (WALLA WALLA, WA) Mar 29, 2007

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This game is one of the best games for the Gamcube
it definetly wasn't better than Pikmin 2 though.
It starts out as Captain Olimar going on vacation
, but he crashes into a meteor, and crash lands on planet.... EARTH!!! He estimates his suit will only keep him alive for 30 days.(Everybody whose ever played the game wishes it were a few days longer)He runs into a red thing witch spits out a seed witch grows into a Pikmin.

This is a great great so it is hard to believe it was made in 2001.

P.S. If you want to get a TON of Pikmin go to the landing site(this requires blue Pikmin) go over to the grey wall, and blow it up with bomb rocks inside the box(to pick bombs you need yellow Pikmin)after that go to the small pond, and throw a lot of Pikmin into the clam's mouth after the pearl pops out take it to any of the onions for 50!! Pikmin.

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