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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

In-game reset:

Enter code when playing the game.

  • A + B + X + Y + Start
    In-game reset

Push Down to round up four Pikmin to carry you back to your base camp. A short fireworks display appear. This also eventually happens if you stand idle.

  • Down
Invincible Olimar:

Push Down and Olimar will lay down. He cannot be harmed in this position.

  • Down
    Invincible Olimar
Faster Pikmin:

If you have a single Pikmin that is slow, hold A. You will pick up your Pikmin and can run at the same speed you move without the Pikmin in your hands.

  • Hold A
    Faster Pikmin
Get carried to Onion:

Press Down and Olimar will lay down. If he has any Pikmin with him, five of them will carry him to the Onion and the rest will stay behind.

  • Down
    Get carried to Onion
Captain's logs:

To see the pages where Olimar had written his discoveries, press Y on the area selection screen.

  • Y
    Captain's logs