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Love it

posted by karri71 (GUYMON, OK) Jan 13, 2014

Member since Apr 2011

My husband and i are playing this game and it is really fun , entertaining, great graphics and challenges. I am thinking of buying it .

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A pretty game that wears off its charm fast

posted by largetree (TELLICO PLAINS, TN) Sep 14, 2013

Member since Jul 2008

I never played Pikmin 1 or 2. I have only played pikmin on Nintendo Land, and I love what i played. When i heard they were making a Pikmin 3 for Wii U, i was really excited for it because it is a different game than i have ever played. When i first got this game i was very impressed with its beautiful top down graphics, vibrant colors, and cute little pikmin that follow you where ever you go. The puzzles at the beginning were not too bad, expecially when you get 3 characters to switch back and forth from and you need all 3 to do certain puzzles...

Then the game started to get old and very very very annoying fast. The AI in this game with your Pikmin is TERRIBLE. If you cut a corner too fast, your pikmin sit there, or run through a puddle of water, and die. Glitches galore especially at end of the game where you zone out while your Pikmin are fighting a boss, and when you load into next area, they all die. And you have to start over with 1 pikimin because it protects them from extinction.

Or the worst one which is not a glitch but huge annoyance. It is counting down to 0 to gather your pikmin and you finish gathering them and you put the controller on the table and it hits a trigger button and disperses all your pikmin and they are all dead. 100 Pikmin dead instantly.

It just got old hitting the throw button 100 times, whistling over and over, rinse and repeat. I almost sent it back before i realized i was on the last mission. It is short too, only 24 days.

I didn't feel any sort of accomplisment after i beat the game, i felt relief that I can send it back and get a better game. I gave it a 5/10. It was pretty to look at and the Wii U doesnt have many games like this, so you might want to try it, but never buy it

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The third time is more than a charm

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 10, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

The Pikmin crew is back – ready to give their lives for some strangers who just happen to show up on their planet (how nice is that?)
This time around, your task is to find fruit that you can turn into juice which keeps the crew alive for another day (I hope they have a fully functioning bathroom on that ship).
If you’ve played either of the previous versions, then you know what to expect. You start off with a few of the cute creatures and build up their numbers by gathering items like numbered discs.
Then, you go off and explore large areas, battling monsters while gathering even more items (numbered discs, fruit, special suits, or communication devices)
But this game also lets you use three captains – after a few days. This lets you get into several areas that one captain can’t get into – which makes for some inventive puzzles.
And this sort of game style is hardly used in any other game, and I still have fun making up what sort of Pikmin to use in my adventuring party (there are five types overall, and you can have up to 100 Pikmin to use at any time).
And I get great joy in seeing those little critters beat up on monsters much larger then they are, then carry off the dead creature’s body back to ship to make more of them.
This game – like the last one – doesn’t have much of a time limit because it’s easy to build up your juice supply. And if you mess up, you can go back and retry any day again.
But there is a problem with Pikmin 3: it will take a while to get used to the controls, namely aiming where you toss your Pikmin. It can cause some annoyances.
But that doesn’t last long. This is one game that the WiiU really needs – an exclusive game that all sorts of gamers will want to play.
Pikmin 3 is one of the best games I’ve played on the WiiU this year.

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