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Very Good

Best Pikmin yet!

posted by MetalMario (PITTSFIELD, NH) Aug 8, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

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From 2001 to 2013, Nintendo has continued to refine and evolve the Pikmin series, coming a little bit closer to perfection each time. "Pikmin 3", with its lusher environments, polished gameplay mechanics, and new types of Pikmin, leaves me wondering what Nintendo could possibly do to impress us further with a hypothetical "Pikmin 4". Giving us the choice to play with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk is greatly appreciated, as the Wii versions of "Pikmin" and "Pikmin 2" controlled flawlessly that way. The new characters are fun and endearing, and teamwork is more important than ever. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the game strikes a happy balance between the stressful urgency of "Pikmin" and the open-ended lack of consequence of "Pikmin 2". In this third entry, you're not really limited by number of days (you're allotted 99 days, which is dozens more than even the least efficient player is likely to require), but you're tasked with the responsibility of keeping your food rations in stock. This gives the gameplay a sort of "soft urgency" that still allows the player to take all the time he or she needs to cultivate Pikmin forces or simply explore the vibrant regions.

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The Best Title on Wii U.

posted by venom3 (MEDFORD, OR) Aug 5, 2013

Member since Mar 2006

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

As of now, Pikmin 3 is the best title on Wii U. This game has had quite a development cycle, starting on the GameCube, moving to Wii, and being delayed 4 times on Wii U. Let's see if it was worth the wait:
Gameplay of Pikmin 3 as is follows: You control an army of Pikmin, little ant-like creatures, to collect fruit for the main characters' dying planet.There are a few types of Pikmin, including the Fire-resistant Red Pikmin, the water-breathing Blue Pikmin, the shock-resistent Yellow Pikmin, The new strong Rock Pikmin, and finally the flying Winged Pikmin. If you're wonder where White and Purple Pikmin are, they are in the new multiplayer mode. The multiplayer consists of two modes: Bingo Battle, and Mission mode. Bingo Battle is a game of Bingo where you have to collect the objects shown on a card in either a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. It can be fun and crazy at times. Mission mode is basically doing missions like you would in story mode, but you have a time limit. These are fun too. Also, if you found Pikmin to be hard because of the 30 day time limit, it has been replaced with how much fruit you have. Everyday, you will consume one piece of fruit. It's not as restrictive or scary as the original time limit was.
The graphics are amazing. A question many people may have is how it looks compared to games on the 360 and PS3. It looks noticeably better than most games on those systems, and I can confirm the ground isn't as bad as many other reviews have made it out to be. As the game was meant to be a launch title, the game is rendering at 720p, but upscales to 1080p just fine. Nintendo has stated that the Wii U can handle native 1080p no problem, and just launch titles were going to be running in 720p.
Final Verdict: Pikmin 3 is a game that all U owners need to own. The game is the best looking game on Wii U, the gameplay is solid, and the story is great. It was worth the wait. 10/10.

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Faithful sequel

posted by SirSnuggles (REDDING, CA) Nov 3, 2014

Member since Nov 2014

My six year old and I love this game. It feels like everything I loved about pikmin has been refined. If I had a complaint it would be that it left me wanting more even after three playthroughs and completing the challenges. Would be a ten but I know it's not for everyone.

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