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Pikmin 2 is the best in the series

posted by JamesCraft (WOODBURY, NJ) Nov 14, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

Now I am one to not judge Pikmin. These games are amazing and with Pikmin 3 being my favorite game on the Wii U , but it is not my favorite in the series. In Pikmin 2 Olimar has to go back to the Pikmin Planet with his new colleage Louie who is pretty funny with his Piklopedia (Mamuta Inedible tastes like chicken) to pay of a debt of OVER 10,000 Pokos. While collecting treasure I found the new types of pikmin being really fun. Purple Pikmin or in my case Big Berthas are practically the best type ever released. Purple Pikmin are 3X more powerful than the average pikmin , when thrown can do a divebomb attack and can stun enimies, and can lift 10X the normal pikmin. White Pikmin are imunned to poison, can dig up buried treasures, run faster than the normal pikmin, and when eaten drastically hurt the enemy. Once you have paid off the debt of 10,000 Pokos Olimar forgets Louie on the planet and must go back to save him and PLOT TWIST the President replaces Louie in search of Louie and more treasure. Pikmin 2 is my favorite in the series and try it for yourself. Go get it now seriously

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posted by xXXboxCrafterXx (LONGVIEW, WA) Aug 27, 2013

Member since May 2013

I liked the Gamecube version and the 1st Pikmin. But the new control scheme is hardddddd. I spend an an hour trying to swarm and then a volitile dweevil comes over and blows up half my squad. Wut's up nintendo.

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new controls are horrible

posted by skaterfreak8771 (LAKEWOOD, CA) Apr 19, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

i personally found the new control scheme absolutely %100 pathetic especially the command and control i could never ever get my pikmin to go where i wanted them to lets say im getting yellow nectar i point at the nectar of course a bomb falls from the sky kaboom! 85 pikmin gone thanks to the new controls ive played this on gamecube for years so maybe that had something to with it other than the god awful controls everything else is more or less the same i especially like that they took out the 30 day limit nintendo should get alot of credit for that i did have a big but not complete drop in interest in this game once i found all the colors of pikmin but i still play it ah yes the replay ability is massive in this game to end this review the enemies are very challenging warning beware of the water wrath!

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