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Pikmin 2

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Also on:Wii
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Gameplay Controls

Pikmin 2

GamePlay: Use the Ultra-Bitter Spray to temporarily petrify enemies. Use the Ultra-Spicy Spray to temporarily supercharge your Pikmin. For complete gameplay and menu information, check the In-game Manual.

Control Stick Tilt Fully to Move the Leader. Tilt Slightly to Move the Leader.
Control Pad Press Left or Right With the A Button to Switch Between Pikmin Colors.
A Button Punch. Pluck a Planted Pikmin. Throw Pikmin.
B Button Whistle
X Button Dismiss and Separate Pikmin by Color.
Y Button Change Leaders
Z Button Switch Camera Angle
L Button Center the Camera Behind the Leader
R Button Zoom Camera
C Stick Move the Group. Issues movement commands to all of your Pikmin.
Start/Pause Pause Game and Access Radar Screen, Menu Screen, and Item Screen.