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Pikmin 2

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pikmin 2

posted by niaiscool (DEWITT, MI) Jan 14, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

I liked this game, and it was better than the first game. with even faster paced game play. i lost about 1200 pikmin total

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Sounds Like Bad Game, Plays Like a Legend

posted by nddfahgda (SANTA ANA, CA) Dec 27, 2006

Member since Mar 2005

Who knew a game like this can be so fun? To me when I heard of the first Pikmin game it sounded weird but when I heard their was going to be a sequel I was excited. They have made excellent improvements like multiplayer. Now you don't have to feel alone when your killing bugs with your pikmin.
Sound: 10 the sound is great
Graphics: 10 the graphics are great
Gameplay: 10 you won't get bored and I was entertained the whole time
Overall: 10 it's a great game for anyone to play

This game is even better than the first which most games can't compete with the original but this one can. Pikmin 2 is a awesome game and one of the best games for the gamecube. You start out with one player but as soon as you know it you can control two people at once and split up groups. That's the beginning of the game and I won't ruin the middle or end. I'm still wondering how can this game be so much fun when all you do is move little bugs around...................- ........and kill bigger bugs!!!

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Fantastic little experience!

posted by MarCry (LOS ANGELES, CA) Oct 10, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

Although I've never played pikmin 1, I was able to enjoy this marvelous game fatastically.

It's graphic is superb with tiny little details with challenging levels. The two player capability in the other mode is also very interesting in a different way from the story mode.

This marvelous game gives the player opportunity to use their noggin and their courage. (Which is quite rare these days)

The down side is that it seemed a little bit too hard for my little brother to play although the game rating was good E.

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