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Pikmin 2

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Not as good as Pikmin 1

posted by MichaelO (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jul 12, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

As a big fan of Pikmin, I was looking forward to playing this game. Insofar as the game mechanics are identical to Pikmin 1, the game was good (hence my rating), but I disliked almost every change that was made.

First off, Pikmin 2 has no "ticking clock" which forces you to go through the game in a certain number of days. In my mind this was the whole challenge of Pikmin 1, and what made it so replayable. It gave the game tension, and made it exciting. Without the time limit, this game comes off as a bit more tedious and dull.

Second, one of the big additions to the game are underground caves. In these caves, there is no time limit for sunset, and in addition you cannot get new pikmin out of your onion. This makes underground caves less of a frantic rush to get parts, and more of a slow, careful crawl where you are trying not to lose any pikmin. This is kind of a neat idea, but I found caves to be much slower and more boring than above ground. I eventually came to dread playing caves since I found them so tedious.

In summary, I enjoyed this game, but I think I would have enjoyed playing through Pikmin 1 again just as much.

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i love this game.....

posted by dsgfuwefg (NORWAY, ME) Jun 25, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

i love this game but is not EVER rentable if you have it send it back so i can play it PLZ plz plz plz come on don't be mean :) :( :)

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the winner is pikmin 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by log159 (Willow, AK) Nov 28, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

this game is aswome.
it has great graphics,funny cutscenes,and 2 brand new typs of pikmin,white and purple.the funny thing is that olimars whistle sounds normal,but louies whistle sounds like a train.well,thats all.

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