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A classic!

posted by Ziminaiman (POWAY, CA) Jul 29, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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This game completely drew me in from the very beginning! The thing about this game that makes it stand out so much is the plot more than anything else. The actual gameplay feels more like an extension of it more than the base fun factor.

The premise of the game is being the defense lawyer who must dig up the evidence and then present it at the appropriate time in court. the actual gameplay mostly involves being in the courtroom, particularly cross-examining witnesses. During cross-examiniations you press the witness for more info, and then present evidence you've gained from the other part of the game (searching for info and clues during the evening) to show contradictions in their testimony.

The whole game is basically controlled by the touch screen; you touch the court record button in court and then touch a specific piece of evidence, etc. I actually almost never used the D-pad at all, and only used the A button to speed up conversations (for a while I was just touching the screen to go through them.)

There isn't exactly much for action or raw gameplay, which is why I made my initial point that the plot is what makes this game so great. it's engrossing. I could hardly put the game down, and I literally was up i the early morning becuase I couldn't just stop while I was still in the middle of a case! This game is an experience that every DS owner should have.

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I can't think of a witty title. Great game though!

posted by gonzo3333 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 15, 2006

Member since Aug 2003

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Phoenix Wright is a text game. Yes, that means talk, talk, talk, talk!! So if you don't like text games, you won't like this. I, however, love this game. First of all, it's a very lengthy game. It's like, 20-30 hours for most people. The only bad part is that there really is no replay value unless you actually wait a really long time up to the point where you forget the cases. The story is great, and there are 6 cases. The first is very short, should only take about half an hour. But starting from the second, they get long and the story is great. I thought it was just going to be six random cases. But they all had something to do with the main characters. The only unfortunate part to this game is that you can't ask for bathroom breaks :(

The graphics in this game are okay. If you like anime-style graphics, you'll love these graphics. Everything is full of color and good description. It has a little bit of comedy in the character's facial expressions.

The music in this game is nice. Nothing too special. There's not a lot of music in this game, but what there is, is good.

The gameplay isn't REALLY gameplay in a way. Like I mentioned above, all you really do is press a few buttons to move the text forward... Oh! And you touch items on the screen with the stylus to observe the item. But still, it's really long as I said before. And the story is very entertaining and has a few gasp moments.

This game has practically no replay value. I mean, once you know the stories and how to solve them, there really is no point in playing them again. However, you can come back like a year or so later, and play when you forgot everything. That's still pretty lame though.

This game isn't too hard. You have to think before you show evidence that contradicts the witness' testimony or something. You might lost a case once or twice, making you go back to the last save point. But that's really it.

So overall, this game is defenitely worth at least renting!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Extremely good.

posted by TheSHizNic (NOVATO, CA) Jun 28, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

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Basic Points
Story: 9
Gameplay: 6
Multiplayer: N/A
Music: 8
Difficulty: Very, very easy although very tedious in some situations.
Length: Approximately 25-40 hours, depending on your reading speed and how fast you can put two and two together.

Phoenix Wright was a very fun play through. The characters are lovable, the stories are filled with twists, and the game feels very satisfying. The game is essentially an adventure title with tons and tons of reading, clicking, and looking for clues. The detective work can be a headache, looking for the right person to talk to or trying to figure out what clue you're missing can be a pain. The courtroom segments also have their fair share of headaches, but since you're playing as an attorney call it realism. The game is never overtly difficult though, the story will keep you addicted and wanting to find out whodunit regardless of the bumps in the road. If reading for hours is appealing to you, then this is the game for you.

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