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posted by REVGOD (WALPOLE, MA) May 1, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

4 out of 32 gamers (12%) found this review helpful

I know people like this game but that is b/c they never played a real text adventure like Zork or Planetfall. Those games are 25 years old and are lot more interesting than this sorry excuse for a game. I rented it and I thought I was going to fall asleep. The game is extremely linear and has absolutely no play value. The cases play the same exact way each time: interview suspects, get evidence, trial. Basically it's just trial and error to see what works in the court room. It should follow some sort of logical train of thought but it doesn't. There are going to be times when you know exactly what evidence to show and why but you have to make sure you submit it at the right time and that is not always clear. Also, there are many times when you have no idea what evidence to present and when you figure it out you are like "how the heck does that makde sense?". Anyway, I know this game got good reviews from the Nintendo Fanboys but trust me, skip this game. Hopefully Mario is better.

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Not a Game

posted by MsShan (BRANDON, FL) Apr 1, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

I think this "game" had 5 interesting novels, but this isn't a game in the traditional sense.

In these series of stories, a murder has been committed and Phoenix Wright is on the case. He must collect evidence at the crime scene, listen each person's testimony, and find inconsistencies in their story in order to get a Not Guilty verdict for his client.

Although this may sound like a daunting task, it's really quite simple. There is nothing to figure out; all information is present up front, in your face. You can't even move on to the next phase until all characters have been talked to and all evidence collected. There is absolutely no thinking required.

Also, this game is not realistic in the least bit. Everything from the CSI detective work to the melo-dramatic courtroom scene is completely fabricated. I won't ruin the stories, but lets just say I hope you don't get in trouble with the law and expect your defense attorney to be as "good" of a defense attorney as Phoenix Wright.

Like I said earlier, Phoenix Wright is able to tell 5 great stories, but as a game, it's less than par.

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I really wanted to love this game...

posted by bmonkey (NEWCASTLE, WA) Sep 27, 2006

Member since May 2006

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

I really wanted to love this game but I just couldn't. I felt like the entire game was clicking through screen after screen of dialog. And then you had to try to "guess" what you were supposed to do because the logic behind the evidence didn't make any sense. I found myself just clicking for hours on everything hoping that eventually something would happen. I really like the art style. It was visually a beatiful game. But it wasn't enough to make up for the rest. I'm a huge mystery fan. I love Law & Order. But this game was absolutely the most boring game I have ever tried to play. I only made it through half the second case before I decided I'd rather beat Advance Wars again instead.

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