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best game in the series

posted by Moose1220 (MICHIGAN CITY, IN) Jan 13, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

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Trials and Tribulations, the final installment in the Phoenix Wright series, is definitely the best one in the series. One reason it is the best is that you can play as four different characters: Phoenix Wright (obviously) long-time rival Miles Edgeworth, Mia Fey, (Phoenix's mentor), and Franziska von Karma, another one of Wright's rivals. Although it doesn't add much to the gameplay experience, it still adds a fresh spin on the series. But the biggest reason this game is the best is that the five cases that you can play are much more difficult. For example, the first case in Justice for All seemed rather easy; it felt like I barely had to think at all because you could spot contradictions extremely easily. But in Trials and Tribulations, you actually have to look at all of the evidence you contain and see if you can find the contradictions. It may sound easy, but it really is challenging. They have also added some new characters that are as crazy and as strange as ever. They also brought back some classic favorites, like Detective Gumshoe, Maya Fey, and the somewhat gullible Judge. The only character they brought back that I really despise is Larry Butz... I cant stand him! He is so stupid and annoying, he makes Helen Keller seem like a genius! Although he isn't really involved much in the cases. This game is full of great mystery, suspense, and of course humor. This was a great way to end one of the greatest game trilogies of all time.

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Zvarri! It is all becoming elegantly clear to me!

posted by Jeremymia (GAINESVILLE, FL) Nov 9, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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PW1 is great, 2 is slightly worse, and 3 is the best of the three. It is a very worthy finale to Phoenix Wright (but not the continuation of the Ace Attorney Series, Apollo Justice (yes, that is the real name of the protagonist(what were they thinking?! (by they, I mean capcom. Did the meeting go something like this? "Okay, we need a name that suggests our hero is for Justice." "Um... how about 'Justice'?" "...Brilliant!"))).

The most important thing to say is this: If you haven't played the first two, then play them first, in order! This is especially true for this game which has a much larger overarching plot and it relies heavily on previous games, as well as on cases in its own game (Only 2 of the 5 cases are not extremely related to the same plot.)

There is no reason to go on. If you liked the first two games, rent this one. If you didn't like the first two games, then I probably don't like you.

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posted by JordanJay7 (SEASIDE, CA) Feb 21, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

good game. nice story.

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