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Phoenix's Big Finale

posted by Guardian42 (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Nov 6, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

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The last game for Phoenix Wright plays just like the previous two and doesn't disappoint. If you loved the first two, you should already be playing this.

For those that haven't played any of the Phoenix Wright series, the game is basically an adventure game, almost like an anime styled CSI. You are a defense attorney and your job is to defend your client. To do this, you'll have to investigate crime scenes, question witnesses, find contradictions in testimonies, and present evidence.

Being the third in the series, some of these 5 cases can get lenghty, so don't worry on this being a short game.

The only vice I have with this series is that sometimes it can be difficult to figure what piece of evidence goes exactly where. Sometimes, you may have the entire case figured out, but you need to use the 'wright' evidence at just the 'wright' testimony. lol

Yet, by thinking about each case throughly, and thinking about evidence and testimony though your head, those contradictions are sure to pop up.

A great game with a equally great story. You'll shed a tear, you'll even giggle. Thank you, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

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Phoenix's legacy goes out with a bang!

posted by Devkit (CENTREVILLE, VA) Dec 13, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

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Well, it's Phoenix's final show. He's at his peak in defense now. He's basically the best defense attorney out there now. But now, it's time to look at his past(Devil May Cry, anyone? No?).

In the first cutscene of Trials and Tribulations(T&T), Phoenix is seen arguing with one of his fellow colleagues about a girl(yes, this goes pretty far back). Phoenix eventually shoves his colleague and asks himself what he's just done.

Gameplay/Story - 10/10

"NO! You're wrong about Dollie! She would never hurt anyone!". You're playing as Phoenix's good old mentor, Mia Fey for the first case. Guess who the defendant is for the first case? It's none other than Phoenix Wright himself. Phoenix is charged for supposedly murdering a man named Jack Swallow(you know, his colleague?). But, surely someone can't die from just being shoved, right? It's up to Mia this time, to save Phoenix in the case five years ago that would forever connect them.

Phoenix's girlfriend at the time is Dahlia Hawthorne(don't worry you will absolutely hate this girl later on, I actually get queasy from even mentioning her name). The twist is, Dahlia says Phoenix really did kill Jack! A few minutes later and Dahlia is accused of killing Jack. The rest, you'll have to see for yourself.

Graphics - 8/10

This time, it'll take seven words to sum this part up. They're the same as AA's and JFA's.

Sound/Music - 10/10

Awesome as usual. The cornered theme is just mindblowing. It's just, so energetic and makes you go "WHOA!". Sound, relatively the same. There's one new sound clip though, and it's used at the end of the fifth case. You know about Scary Maze? If you don't, that's ok. The sound clip is.. a scream. Whose scream it is, you have to find out on your own. I'm just putting it out there so you don't have a heart attack when you hear it.

Overall - 1000000000/10(Just joking, 10/10)

Phoenix has finally recieved the achievement "Become an Ace Attorney". Kudos to him! Rent it, buy it. As usual.

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Very Good

Very fun on all fronts, but still a bit difficult

posted by Kenkaku (LIVONIA, MI) May 31, 2009

Member since May 2009

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My previous review on Justice for All sums up my feelings on the Ace Attorney series: it's deep, fun, funny, touching, and beautiful to look at with quirky characters and great artwork. Anybody that passes the opportunity to play this should get a 'GUILTY' verdict.

But like previous Ace Attorney games, this one still isn't quite at the perfection level. Once more, I found myself having to use FAQs to find out how to move on from time to time. I think the biggest problem with the series regarding its difficulty curve is the inventory system. It still just gets packed with items and profiles that you don't know what to do with them. It's also hard when the game requires you to find a certain set of items before moving on. You just don't know if you have everything or haven't shown everything to the right people. There should be some form of indication letting you know if you're missing anything.

Speaking of, it ticks me off when I'm wandering around, figuring out what to do, only to find out that I missed a conversation with somebody. It made me pick up this habit where I go up to someone and just go through every item and profile I have until they spill their guts. It's more painful when you find out that you don't need to talk to that person, especially in the final chapters where you have three pages' worth of items. There should be some kind of prompt to let you know which person you still need to chat with.

Other than that, I have nothing but praise for this one. The stories are still brilliantly crafted and usually wrap up with a heartwarming ending. The skits between characters are funny to boot, and as cases unravel, it gives off that same rewarding feeling that games should be giving you.

Granted, the twists in the stories are always so bizarre that you either buy it or you don't. Me, I always buy it. The quirky style of the series just makes the world you're in feel believable, making you forget that this is a game where you play as nothing but a lawyer.

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