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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All


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Great Game! Involving story line.

posted by cb80361p (YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY) Mar 26, 2007

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This game is very fun. My best advice I can give is to SAVE OFTEN. This game has a great feature where you can save as often as you like. The best time to save is when you are about to cross-examine someone. That way if you mess up a few times, you can start again without having to re-read all the information and story line. That is one thing about that game that you have to love, Reading. It has a very interesting story line and fun twists and turns. I enjoy yelling "HOLD IT and OBJECTION" into my DS. At the end of the game, you can actually fail at your final trial. That is not the true ending. Make sure you get the one that ends in the Airport with one of your co-characters. That is all I will say about it.
Enjoy this game, I did and I am renting the first Phoenix Wright game so I can solve that one as well. :-)

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Very Good

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All Review

posted by Delirium (SOUTH MILWAUKEE, WI) Feb 18, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

This installment of Phoenix Wright was as amazing as the last however I felt they could've mixed up the graphics a little. Everything looked the exact same as the last game with the only difference being the characters, psyche-locks, and a few new animations. The game's content was very nice and the dialogue was boring at times because it went from irrelevant to relevant and it got annoying from time to time.

The only other problem I had was the fact you had to get very specific when examining things to move on. I was in a point on the game where I couldn't move on because I forgot to examine something that was apparently important but it wasn't very clear. The same goes with pressing every statement. They should further establish whether it would be better to press or present and sometimes they're very good about it and others...not so much.

Overall, I loved this game. The cases were usually intriguing (with the exception of the circus one...bleh) and always kept a certain level of mystery among it. Looks like the developers hit a home-run for me on this game and hopefully we'll see a third installment in the US soon.

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posted by DylanLong (CHARLOTTE, TN) Feb 7, 2007

Member since Jun 2005

This is the second game in the lawer type game. You play as Phoenix Write who is an ace attorney. Now you start the game with amnesia and is thrown in the court room.The rest of the story fasllows within the different cases. Now I have beeten this game and it was very difficult, I even used a walkthrough to help me. Each of the stories are well written and even though they are kinda silly and not possible they are still pretty good.The new things they have added are that you can now show the victims profiels which brings more depth in the cases. And the psyh-locks which are tedious and not really fun, but you do get information from the person.

Now in Japan there has already been 3 Phoenix Write games. And there were all for the GBA. This means that the ones we have in the USA are all ports. Which means there is no real inovation using the DS touch screen. Infact you dont need to use the touch screen at all. So the next game will be a quick port and we will see it soon with no inovation. But the 4th game in the serries will be made for the DS exclusivly so thats cool.

Back to the game. Its shorter than the 1st one. This one only has 4 cases and no bonus case. And its really hard and frustrating. Also a health bar is in this game and if it depletes youll have to start from ur last save point, and the cases in it self are very long.And looking for clues can be difficult. As well as presenting them in court can be VERY DIFFICULT. you relly have to thinnk in this game, but sometimes you overthink it.

So a quick port from the GBA, its good, difficult, not as long as the first one, and a few new features make this game a good one. If youve never played the first one rent both of them. But if you are a fan of the series buy them. But you can just import them from Japan and the Japenese versions of the game come with English subtitles. So I give Phoenix Write Ace Attourny: Justice for all a 7 out of 10.....OBJECTION!

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