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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All


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Welcome Back Mister Wright

posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) Mar 7, 2007

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If I was asked to review this title in one word, simply put - wow. About three months ago I set my DS aside, having played all of the "best" titles available already. It seemed as if clones of these titles were all on deck, so I kinda ditched the system - THIS game brought me back, and how. Phoenix Wright is essentially an interactive crime drama/comedy story - insanely smart, witty, fun, and addictive. This title is much like the first in that it probably won't appeal to a younger audience, however - mature gamers who are tired of STILL playing Final Fantasy III, Metroid, Lost in Blue, Trace Memory, or even the original Wright now have something new to drool over. Compared to the first title, the plot is better, the characters are better, the animation is better, the humor is even better. Absolutely every aspect of this game has been polished, and a few new interactive options are even here for your detective disposal. Capcom made a very smart decision in bringing another Phoenix title state-side, the only thing I could imagine being better than this is seeing Phoenix show up in the next Marvel VS Capcom title. Just imagine, Wolvering busting out his claws to a loud OBJECTION! Much like this DS title, GOLD.

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Great, superb, and few flaws

posted by pie94ftw (FLORENCE, SC) Jun 21, 2007

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If you have played the first game as I have you will not be dissapointed, however if you have not played the first game I advise playing it first. Often in the game it refers to things that happened in the original and you can not fully appreciate the story without knowing the whole story from the previous installment.

The only other flaws I see is there may be times when you know what to say in court but not wich peice of evidence to present (as there are more than one piece that, to me show the same idea) It is a great game but I think this takes away from some of the fun.... Also sometimes the ideas are just a little too far fetched.... If you play the second case and clear it.... the ending is so unrealilistic (even if you accept a certain magic to the powers of maya and pearl)

Alltogether a great game the plot is kind of insane sometimes but its really fun.


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posted by Fragkitten (AUSTIN, TX) Jun 12, 2007

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All

I awoke after waiting a 7 days for the first of my game fly games to come to my door and as I open my rustic apartment mail box I was quite pleased to see that they had both arrived before my trip to California. I was really in need of something to do during my 7 hours of flying. Though I will admit I was somewhat confused when I saw this title. Leave it to my better half to pick something like this.
"It'll be great sweetie, just try it."
So somewhat reluctantly I put it in my DS and began to fiddle away.
I was really quite surprised at just how quickly I found my self screaming "OBJECTION!" and "Take That!" when ever I presented that key piece of evidence, and the pure "giddy" feeling I got when I found myself finally winning the case.

Personally I found this game to be very "cute" for lack of a better term. I enjoy the semi-flash game style. Though I will admit that there were several points where I wished I could skip a step when you knew the turn out of the case. Each "case" takes at very least an hour and a half out of your life just through the text. Then in the event you cant figure out what to do and find yourself to proud to look it up the time begins racking up pretty fast. Though all and all I found the stories to be quite enjoyable (Say for the few characters that I found to be very obnoxious).

I found it somewhat annoying that it took what seemed FOREVER to get the simplest things done though some times were less apparent than others.
The other thing that I found to be frustrating was that when you found yourself "loosing" while in court there was no way (that I saw) of getting your favor back up. No matter how often you presented the right thing it wouldn't bring up your bar by any amount. Which could be quite a pain in the event that you had a bit of a "bad luck" streak.
All in all I think its more of a bargin bin treasure than a must have new release.

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