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Disgaea: We Meet Again

posted by rhopp (MUSCATINE, IA) Feb 16, 2011

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This game reminded me a lot of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness from the PS2. Unfortunately, it didn't have the amusing storyline of the older game. I didn't notice any story at all, actually. (Admittedly, I only played about an hour before giving up on this one.) You summon phantoms to possess objects to help you defeat your enemies. The type of object to which you confine a phantom determines what type of bonus they get (flowers +Int, rocks +Def, etc). Why phantoms? Why not recruit some real people to help? What is this place you visit to fight battles, and what's stopping you from just hanging out at your little phantom world house? I was disappointed that this game lacks any driving force behind the conflict. It's just, "Hey look, bad guys. Let's defeat them and grab the loot."

It seemed like a number of pointless, gimmicky game mechanics were thrown in, just hoping to spark some interest in what is basically a pretty standard retread of this genre. On the up side, it seems like this game is pretty long. So, if you like this Tactics type game, Phantom Brave: WMA is a great value in terms of hours of play per dollar. Do not expect revolutionary game play, though.

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Really Bad

There's 30 minutes I'll never get back...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Oct 6, 2009

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What were they thinking? In the same vein as Crystal Chronicles 2, Phantom Brave: We Meet Again decides to throw a DS title onto the Wii with no effort to improve it in the process. You would be wise to avoid it.
But if you'd like to know why, here we go: Phantom Brave is similar to Fire Emblem, except Fire Emblem is good. It's a turn-based strategic RPG where you equip and lead your characters into battle against strange creatures that want to kill you for some unknown reason. Try not to think about the story or the weird idea that this girl talks to dead people and makes them fight for her. In fact, throw logic right out the door, because the developers did.
Unfortunately, that's not the bad part. The graphics don't even look good by DS standards. Animations are terrible, sound might as well be absent, presentation is a bust... it's just a mess. Simply attacking your enemy requires way too many menus. Most of the stats in the game seem extraneous. You start to wonder if the blob of goo that's attacking you would die faster if you tried explaining your stats sheet to him rather than smacking him with your poorly-rendered sword.
This is a game that's trying to cash in on a series that has little merit to begin with. And essentially slapping your handheld game onto a console... there's just no excuse for that.

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Really Bad

Phantom of the Brave

posted by hollie (CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) Sep 15, 2009

Member since Jul 2005

Extremely disappointed. The graphics are at best 1st generation Nintendo along with the music. I had a cell phone 3 years ago that played the same kind of sound. The controls are vast, but too involved to just jump in and play.

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