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Phantom Brave: We Meet Again


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Great game if you like this style of game.

posted by divinejoke (PERRYVILLE, MO) Jul 7, 2010

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Phantom Brave is a game by Nippon Ichi, the creators of Disgaea and was originally released on the PS2 (not the DS).


1.Good amount of depth and strategy to consider.
2.Tenpei Sato does an excellent job on the soundtrack.
3.Decent length with plenty of side content.
4.Interesting and unique play mechanics.


1.The graphics are sure to disappoint many.
2.The game can get repetitive.

If your a Nippon Ichi fan (yes I understand there aren't too many) then you owe it to yourself to try it out. I personally like the game better than Disgaea, but my favorite game of theirs is Soul Nomad (you should check it out it's for PS2).

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Very Good


posted by Frankkfury (ROSEDALE, MD) Sep 14, 2009

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Very good concept for the game, and is actually really fun for about the first 15 hours. But then the enemy's start getting more and more strong and your team starts lagging behind, making every mission near impossible to do without spending hours in a random dungeon leveling up. Be prepared to reset your game many times due to all your main characters dying. Lots of strategy involved, so if your not a thinker, don't bother with this game. BUT if your one of the few who pass high school =p and like turn based strategy, give this a try. If you can get past the horrible graphics, which even SNES could probably put to shame.

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Phantom Brave: We Will Not Meet Again

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 27, 2009

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I have to admit, I've never been a fan of RPG's, and Phantom of the Brave: We Meet Again just isn't going to give me any reason to give the genre another chance.
In this game, you are a "Possessed" girl, Marona, who can summon different characters for different number of turns. These summoned characters can heal, attack, grab, throw, and use items.
But the whole system is just too confusing and convoluted for me to get my brain around. Some enemies can be thrown out of bounds (whatever that means) then get destroyed and some can't. Where I summon my helpers also changes their stats and abilites. There are spells to be cast that may - or may not work as intended.
But what really angers me is most of the characters are weak at the beginning of the game. Marona can't attack at all, most of the other characters do very little damage with their attacks and the only good fighter, Ash, can't stay on the field long enough to get rid of all the enemies.
And just think: As I go through the game I can summon up to 16 characters and have to keep track on how long each character can stay on the field, how many hit points each has, what special moves and attacks they have, which mosnter is best for them to attack and what items they should carry. It's a headache just waiting to happen.
Phantom Brave: We Meet again is for those looking for a serious RPG - and only for those looking for a serious RPG. SKIP IT.

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