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worst ds game ever

posted by Taruindrag (DARIEN, IL) Feb 7, 2010

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Now this game held alot of promise, but the game itself Failed at a few major junctions. First off, the Controls are very touchy and hard to use. The game itself is like the PS2 PSO games, but with two less trigger buttons to change camera angles, so that you have a harder time lining up your enemies to actually hit. Also even if you time your attack string just right, it sometimes doesn't recognize you hitting the buttons on time.

Next problem with the game was that you could create unique characters, but only if the person next to play the game didn't use the same race, class, and choice of 4 heads, 3 hair colors, skin colors, and 5 clothing and mag colors. I know its a ds cartridge, but even pokemon holds a lot more info than that on one ds cart.

My final problem was the difficulty. Most games with difficult control schemes try to ease you into the game by making the first few stages as learning stages, but this game starts out hard from the get go. I created my character as a the begginer type human hunter male, and still found the game itself to hard mainly because of lack of lock on targetting and having to change my directions every time a mob moved a split frame from where it was. Dieing was way too often, and level ups came mostly just in time to save me from my fourth or fifth death.

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Action RPG/hack and slash.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Jan 13, 2010

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If you like the newer Phantasy star games you'll probably like this one. I prefer the turnbased ones and had trouble with the 1st big boss, mainly because you have to manually change the camera angle every few seconds. Also the game doesn't pause while you search your inventory. The gameplay is similar to the PSP version(the load times are better but the graphics aren't as pretty on the DS version). This one also has less custom options for personalizing your character.
The story is set on a planet rather than a space station but otherwise feels the same.

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High Expectations...Real Dissapointment

posted by SkyosSolar (THOUSAND OAKS, CA) Nov 13, 2009

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I had really high expectations for this game.

Presentation: 4

Terrible loading times.

Graphics: 10

Really nice graphics. There's a bunch of hand-drawn animation (for the time I played) and has similar quality graphics to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Sound: 7

I wasn't impressed.

Game-play: 0

I actually put the game down it was so terrible. It was a hack-and-slash RPG but...bad. I thought maybe it was the weapon I was using ( a sword) so I changed to a gun. You don't even have to aim. Just shoot in a general 5 mile radius and the bullet uses its magical super powers to kind of flies to the enemy.

Lasting Appeal: 5

I put 5 because it lasts about 5 minutes until you get sick of the lame battle system.

Overall: 5.2. Not recommended.

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