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posted by Pyrospazz (BROOKFIELD, MA) Nov 11, 2009

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WOW! This game is one of, if not the best RPG out for the DS. It stays with the basic phantasy star idea. It has CASTs, humans, and newmans. The game has really well animated cut scenes and a solid story line.

One of the best features is, YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE! The wireless play has a cool new way of talking with others too.

This game also has so many weapons new to the series. A new type of weapon is a sword combined with a gun. It takes time to get used to using them.

A new combat maneuver is the dodge roll. It comes in handy for those quick attacking monsters.

All in all, this game is excellent. I definitely recommend renting it. Wait, forget renting it, BUY IT!

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Epic game

posted by XeroAngel (COCOA, FL) May 10, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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This was my first time ever playing a game related to the oh so great PSO. Here are the pros and cons:


The game is set up like PSO

It has online play

Extremely great story

Story starts out differently depending on race

Gorgeous anime cutscenes


poor graphics

poor camera controls

too much reliance on the L & R shoulder buttons

game is impossible to play with broken L button

Too many ppl flame this game for no reason at all. I'd definitely buy this game if I had the money because its real fun. If you were a fan of PSO then you will most likely love this game.

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Great but almost too simple

posted by Keeleybros (PROVO, UT) Mar 30, 2011

Member since Sep 2005

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I enjoyed the game and story. The main problem I had was that the gameplay was almost too simple. The gameplay didn't have the same excitement as PSO 1 and 2, nor were the monsters anywhere near as exciting to face as the ones in PSO.

Still, the simple gameplay was quite fun for a while, but did get a little old by the end. The other problems was that killing most the monsters was most easily done by a simple hack, slash, and heal method that got too repetitive by the end. By the time I beat the normal mode, though, I didn't really want to keep doing it any more.

The storyline was also simple, but enjoyable. It has some interesting moments and even a few that are quite powerful. A lot of it follows many of the things one might expect from this genre, but not in a bad way.

Overall, it was a fun game and I rate it a little higher than I would purely for the awesome Phantasy Star nostalgia factor. But, truthfully, I think I'd have just as much or more fun playing through Phantasy Star episode 1 and 2 again.

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