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Very Good

Someone take this thing away from me!

posted by DharmaBum (LAGUNA HILLS, CA) Jan 10, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

24 out of 35 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

Its like drugs for little Korean boys. I want to not play this game any more, but it won't let me. I don't understand it. I keep putting the controller down and turning the machine off, and then fifteen minutes later, I'm back to beating the experience points out of the same generic enemies with the same three move combo over and over again. Great single player game, great online play. I'm returning this now before I'm tempted to sign up for the pay service for another month. I hate that I love this game.

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About as much fun as doing my laundry.

posted by RecGamer (DENVER, CO) Nov 4, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

53 out of 85 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

After folding my remaining whites today, I was inspired to write a review for this game. Phantasy Star Universe is annoying, slow, and requires an additional payment of $9.99 a month to access multiplayer, on top of existing X-Box Live fees. I played for almost 30 minutes before getting into my first fight, only to find the enemies to be the silliest looking bunch of wussies ever to disgrace my 360. Even the characters note how the enemies appear “soft and cuddly”. I spent another hour and thirty minutes trudging my way through irritating voice talent, excruciatingly corny music, a lame, cliché plot, and some of the WORST dressed allies I have ever seen. I am not materialistic by nature, but I draw the line at a pink afro on what seems to be a 4-foot nothing male elf with two equally badly dressed half wit brothers. After enduring all of this, I still did not get the chance to fight again, as the game took way to much time insulting my intelligence in a prolonged tutorial. It even went to far as to “educate” me on how to accept a party invite. A yes/no answer, hardly rocket science. I guess I shouldn’t be angry to miss out on the games utterly non-dynamic two button fight system which didn’t even allow my character to jump or sprint. But I still am. I would not play on online version of this poorly orchestrated silliness for free, let alone pay to play. I would like to emphasize also on just how bad the voice talent and musical score is… I cringe when I try to recall the high-pitch whining screech that this game has the gall to call a soundtrack. Also, I am dumbfounded as to how a girl gains galactic wide fame for being “a seer who can see all”, who is then taken by surprise when an alien invasion wipes out half a space colony WHILE SHES STANDING IN IT. Didn’t see that coming, did you Miss Cleo? Useless. The game was to slow to get off the ground. It will find it’s way to the return box much quicker.

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Great RPG!

posted by LoganP (LOUISA, KY) Oct 27, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

21 out of 33 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

This is a great RPG, i haven't been addicted to a game this much since Diablo 2. One of the really strong points i liked about it was the character creation, very rarely you will see another player that looks just like your character. I have yet to play the single player but id say its just as good as the online play. On the subject of paying 10 dollars a month, in my opinion it is worth it because of the vast playing area and assortment of missions that are going to be updated regularly. I gave this game a 10 just because i love RPG's and the game play online is so great, and their are some many different combinations of characters and classes. Get ready 360 fans for a great hit out of the proverbial ball park. Reviewed by: Logan Pinder (MHU HellPainter)

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