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posted by dtdoodle (CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) Aug 19, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

PSP is quite the game, for a psp platform i thought the graphics were great. The gameply is also quite extesive for a psp. But the game has a few large faults. first of all there is no pause menu. Either you have to turn you system off, or you risk being killed while your taking care of something. Secondly is is extremly difficult to get an S rating on every single mission, some of them are ridicuolsy hard. While the gameplay was extensive it was awkard and difficult at times. communicating with others was a long and tideous procces. And plenty of the camra angles throught the game were off and not right in my opinon. Also the lock on feature dosen't really work, there were times when i wasn't facing an enemy and clicked lock on and nothing happened. You've got to be right in front of the creature your attacking to lock on to it. And my biggest complaint about this game is no checkpoints. If you die in a mission you have to start all over again. and some of the missions are extensive and take up to 45 minutes to complete. Then when you do the mission agian, no matter what happens you get a rating of C. The worst possible, which means it will take longer to unlock and equip better weapons. So the game is getting harder and harder while your forced to stay the same. Overall PSP2 is a good game. its just to huge and extensive unfourtanlty to really excel in the Psp system. But i still really enjoyed because the graphics were great and the character buildng was estbablished and worked throughout the game. Plus its made by the Japanese so what do you expect. I recommend this game 7.5/10

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Stole My Heart...Again

posted by JennyRavendale (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) Mar 14, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

As soon as I started up the game, I knew that I was instantly in love. It reminded me almost perfectly, if not exactly, of the original Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast. The battle system was seamless besides a bit of trouble with lock-on and camera angles, but so long as you had the sound up, there were audio triggers for enemy attacks. The story was also quite intriguing, and the cast of characters was very diverse, all of them lovable in their own way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking for a good sit-down game that plays exactly like a MMO would, without the need of "pay-to-play" or online capabilities.

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Phantasy Star Portable w/ PSO Elements

posted by Moginabox (LONG BEACH, CA) Nov 16, 2010

Member since Oct 2008

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First off, I want to say that this Phantasy Star has a great story that follows right after PSP1. I don't want to mention much since there would be spoilers.

In terms of gameplay there are several elements kept from the regular PSP1. The changes made include the PSO feel. You're just in 1 town and don't have to worry about hopping to different planets to take on missions; instead you can take all your missions from Iron Clad 6 (Your Ship); just like PSO.
Another change that was made that I wasn't too happy about, but brings good old PSO memories is the Disk Lvl system. They fused the idea of being able to reuse a Photon Art + the Disk Level all together. This means you CANNOT progress your Photon Arts through using them over and over; but instead you're stuck finding disks of different levels.
I won't say when, but there are stages that relate to Forest & Cave stages from PSO.
A great thing they brought back from PSO is the "1, 2, 3" timed hits. Hitting the button at the right time will engage critical damage , whereas if you're just mashing the button; it will only do default/regular damage.
Online play has given this game a great edge on the market, and again; similar to PSO.

This is a great game I downloaded directly to my PSPGo and have enjoyed it for a great amount of time. I recommend anyone to try it at the least if you're a MMORPG player or enjoyed PSO.

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