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Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II

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The Best Ever!!!!!

posted by Komorikai (CENTREVILLE, MD) Oct 3, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

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This is by far the best game i have ever played. Not only can you play off line with up to 3 of your best friends, but you can also play on line with other PSO players.

This game keeps you on your feet for extensive periods of time with all the missions to complete and the hidden items to find. You also have many areas to fight enemies and level up your character (which is probably a good thing since Episode 2 is gonna kick your butt if you aren't the right level.)

This game also allows you to select your character's gender and appearance. You even get to pick your class.

Overall the graphics of this game are decent and the story (if there even is one)is minimal.

I give this game a perfect 10 for its outstanding qualities and its on/off line capabilities, not to mention its off line 4 player fun.

Get this game if you wanna be on top of the fun.

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Very Good

Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II

posted by Gandalf (KENNEWICK, WA) Apr 16, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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Let me say this first off, this is one of those games that you'll either love or hate. This is also not the game for the casual gamer who plays for fifteen minutes and then goes and does something else. Fortunately, I am one of the people who love it. It doesn't really have too many story elements (which is good because the plot is actually quite boring.) This game's focus is mainly on fighting and leveling up your character. Yes, leveling up your character can be a pain, and it is almost essential that your character's level be in at least the thirty's to survive in episode 2. Which brings me to the second great feature of this game. Not only do you get to play through the original episode, but you also get episode 2, complete with new weapons, monsters, and strategies. I greatly enjoyed this game but the fact that it only appeals to a specific audience drops the rating a bit.

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best game ever

posted by Muffinman2 (FREMONT, CA) Jul 17, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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I found this game to be extremely fun. i was amused at what Sonic Team had created when i first heard of this game.
Normally I would have said 'its just another Sonic game" and left it alone but after playing this game I found my self trapped in its unique game play. It doesn't keep that old played out "Turn Based" game style, instead it has live action Combat which makes this game all the more enjoyable.
I found the Graphics to be awesome considering when it came out and what system it cam out for. Although at time the camera angle is neck-splitting I found that its camera is allot better than some of the games today. The fact that you are unable to jump kind of made me mad when i first played this game, but over time I found it to be funner with out jumping.
Another thing that i love about this game is the fact that you can custom make your own character how ever you want, unless you choose a girl character in which you cant change its gender, but other than that I found the customizing to be well made, and very easy to use.
My favorite part of this game by far is that they added the ability to go online via the gamecube and play with other PSO members. with this it makes most quests a breeze because you just call up your friends and ask for their help. Also online mode has awesome secrets like unlocking extra items, mini games for other games.
Over all i would say that if you haven't played this game yet i suggest that you rent this or you will serverly miss out on some magnificent game time. eventually you will end up like me and my friends Glued to the TV screen pulling all nighters just so we can beat a boss and level up a little.

Hope this Review helps you in your decision to choose this game


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