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A great game to the end!

posted by animastr (BARABOO, WI) Mar 4, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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While this game has strayed the course of the traditional Phantasy Star series for the Sega Genesis, it breathes new life into a long-thought-dead series.

Combining the abilities, items, and overall feel from the traditional series, the introduction of the MMO aspect of this game has appealed to not only this gamer, but gamers all around the world.

The graphics will remind older gamers of the technology of Palma, yet blow newer gamers away with the stunning detail in the walls, doors, etc. The controls consistently provide smooth choices, quick access to attacks, healing, and other various commands to be issues on a consistent basis.

The storyline is a bit linear, but the side quests make up for that in a wide variety of tasks to do.

All in all, this game was a remarkable project and revival of a great game series that will not disappoint gamers, new and old alike.

Sadly, the online servers will be taken offline at the end of March '07, with no more new accounts (based on the news from their website). Despite that, it has a killer multiplayer mode which is just as fun offline as playing multiplayer online is.

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Highly enjoyable

posted by Smiley (WACO, TX) Jun 19, 2006

Member since Dec 2004

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

PSO 1&2 plus is well worth any gamers time. Both rpg lovers, and action lovers alike will love this game, because it strays away from the highly over used "turn based/ ATB" battle system found in the majority of mainstream RPGs. PSO starts out with an excellent character customization, allowing one to make there characeter short/tall Fat/skinny, broad shouldered or narrow, a WIDE variety of colors, faces, and hair styles. Plus three classes each with 4 different "base looks" i.e.:Human woman, human man, Female looking android, and male android. The three Classes, all of which having their strengths and weaknesses, are all enjoyable. But all have a spot in the team.
Hunters- Hunters, are Usually tanks. They charge forward and take all the damage, whilst dealing major ohysical damage. Hunters usually weild some sort of bladed object like a sword, scythe, beam sword or dagger, but they will also need a small gun of some sort for those pesky flying enemies. Hunters magic is second best.
Rangers- Rangers attack from far away using rifles and other large fire arms. The damage dealt is great but, they really belong behind the hunter. The Rangers magic is weakest.
Force- Forces are, in a word "mages" They have powerfull magic, weak physical attack, and very low health. Forces are alot of fun, but they can be very diffucult on one player mode. Force users, depending on which particular force you use, will use a variety of weapons, some hand guns, small blades like daggers, but mostly just canes.
there areno android forces b/c androids cant do magic
past character creation, you arrive on some space station thingy, and start doing missions. The story itself, is ok, but not very compelling, but the missions are loads of fun. THere are a variety of shops and stages to visit.
Multiplayer really saves this game, you can do co op missions, or fight your friends, as well as play with others via online, which is absolutely greatPso will provide counless hours of fun. BUYIT

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Well worth your time....

posted by Muffinman2 (FREMONT, CA) Jul 17, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I found this game to be extremely fun. i was amused at what Sonic Team had created when i first heard of this game.
Normally I would have said 'its just another Sonic game" and left it alone but after playing this game I found my self trapped in its unique game play. It doesn't keep that old played out "Turn Based" game style, instead it has live action Combat which makes this game all the more enjoyable.
I found the Graphics to be awesome considering when it came out and what system it cam out for. Although at time the camera angle is neck-splitting I found that its camera is allot better than some of the games today. The fact that you are unable to jump kind of made me mad when i first played this game, but over time I found it to be funner with out jumping.
Another thing that i love about this game is the fact that you can custom make your own character how ever you want, unless you choose a girl character in which you cant change its gender, but other than that I found the customizing to be well made, and very easy to use.
My favorite part of this game by far is that they added the ability to go online via the gamecube and play with other PSO members. with this it makes most quests a breeze because you just call up your friends and ask for their help. Also online mode has awesome secrets like unlocking extra items, mini games for other games.
Over all i would say that if you haven't played this game yet i suggest that you rent this or you will serverly miss out on some magnificent game time. eventually you will end up like me and my friends Glued to the TV screen pulling all nighters just so we can beat a boss and level up a little.

Hope this Review helps you in your decision to choose this game


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