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GF Rating


I love horses and sim games, but... wow.

posted by Deathbloom (PASADENA, MD) Jan 10, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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You are Lily, a young horse lover working on her uncle's farm, until one day you step on the only bank owner in town's toes & he gives you a certain amount of time to pay off the farm or everything's his. So you compete in a number of competitions to earn the money to save your uncle's farm.

Not horribly compelling, but people don't seem to be able to do to much with a game built around horses. Most are inaccurate (I work with horses, I should know), poorly done, & rarely, if ever make you want to come back for more - this game is no exception.

Ride around, go train, compete in local competitions, compete in international. Rinse & repeat. That's all you do... that's all you EVER do. You ride here, go thru pointless dialog, ride home. Take 5 minutes to ride to the beach to train for 30 seconds, ride home. Most of your time in this game is spent riding to your destination, not spent AT your destination. All the competitions feel the same, ride here, jump that over & over again.

You spend a handful of time meandering through irritating at best minigames, like herding sheep, finding a way out of a barn & so on. Luckily, those games only take a minute or 2... other than the grooming ones. They're horribly done, hard to control, time consuming and frequent.

The breeding is a nice addition, but almost completely useless in the game.

Cutscenes and Loading:
Always choppy, often incoherent & jumpy. They take a fair amount of time to load & sometimes only last a literal 5 seconds, leaving you with a "wait... what?" feeling. The loading times take longer than they should & it's one boring loading screen (at least Oblivion gives you music & tips).

So, you're riding through the forest about to go over a jump when all of a sudden your horse gets pulled over to the wall, rears and you stop. I love those moments, they're oh-so frequent. The controls are jumpy, awkward, and irritating.

I could go on, but 2000 characters just isn't enough.

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GF Rating


Nerve Racking

posted by Shereespad (ANCHORAGE, AK) Jul 31, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

I didn't mind the game and even at the end when the ranch is saved but then you acquire a new horse and get to go up to level 4 but.... you let the writing go through and the game continues on but you can't go to level 4 and you keep going through the same championship with Edie and it doesn't matter which horse you use. Can't go on and tried everything and nothing works so I quit cause nothing else worked and couldn't find no help.

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