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GF Rating

Very Good

It's Actually Pretty Fun

posted by samfish (CLEVELAND, OH) Dec 29, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

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I had never played a pet simulator before, but I rented Catz 2 just for the Heck of it.
Perhaps it was the result of extremely low expectations, but to my surprise, it's really not bad. It's actually...pretty good!
The game's description is deceiving. There is indeed a pet simulator category, but there's also a really cool Adventure Mode! This of it as Zelda-lite, except instead of Link you're a kitten...and instead of killing enemies with a sword you scare the daylights out of them by sneaking up behind them and meowing.
Basically the game is you run around helping other cats fix their homes while trying to get back a Magic Hat from an evil wolf. It's simple. It's silly. It's surprisingly engaging!

Anyone who has any sort of experience with video games will find the game's difficult to be elementary, but it's ultimately a easy going and oddly relaxing game.

It's not the most amazing game you'll ever play by any means, but it's still pretty interesting and I imagine it would be good for younger kids or people who have never played video games before.

Seriously – give Petz: Catz 2 a try, regardless of how old you are. You might be pleasantly surprised by this simple but entertaining little game! I know I was!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Not a Pet Sim!

posted by PixelPi (SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI) Jan 31, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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I rented this game because of an article posted on Kotaku in mid-November of 2007. You may be wondering why Kotaku had an article about this game, as it looks like just another third-party garbage game for the Wii, but I'm here to tell you it's not.

The easiest way to describe Catz 2 is to say it's a cross between Animal Crossing and an RPG, and, of course, the cast is all feline.

You start by selecting your cat's breed. You choose between forty breeds, which is much more than I thought would be included. The only short-coming here is that there is no Calico/Tortoise-Shell option, so if you want to play as your own cat and have one of those two, you'd be out of luck. Other than that, the selection is rather impressive.

After a bit of introductory play, and some of the longest cut-scenes in the game, the story takes off. An evil Wolf called Ivlet has tricked you in to giving him the Magic Hat-which your father had been entrusted to guard-and is trying to destroy the world. He starts with your town, which you summarily have to rebuild before going on to the real adventure and your quest to stop him.

Once the town is back to normal, you have a pharmacy, where you can buy healing items; a fashion house, where you can buy accessories to dress up your cat, and the other villagers; an aquarium, where you can display fish you've caught, a zoo, where you return the exotic animals that Ivlet let out run amok all over your world, whom you will battle in mini-games which, when won, will return them to the zoo; and a pawn shop, where you can sell anything that you can collect-fish, insects, fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

As for the game play itself, it's rather simple. Everything is controlled by the Wii-mote, no nunchuck necessary. It's targeted toward children, so it is rather easy, but it's still very enjoyable for people of any age. For guys looking to get their girlfriend to try RPGs, Catz 2 would go over well. However, you'll find yourself enjoying it, too!

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GF Rating

Above Average

Kid's Role Play

posted by WoMensan (MIDLAND, TX) Nov 23, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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If anyone is giving this a bad rating - did they really think it was for serious adult gamers? The six rating is not for myself, it's obviously aimed for kid's, someone older who's just into kitties and straightforward play, or likes dressing up pets. Your character is a kitten who goes through a story of retrieving a magic hat, stolen by an outlaw wolf. There are lots of mini games, treasure hunts, besides the main quests of going places, finding things, or completing a task. My kids don't play it hours on end, but they like it, and it's regularly one they get out. They especially like working toward earning that next outfit, cool sunglasses, etc. No violence, but the outlaw is bad enough it makes the player want to win. Better kids game than most.

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