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Peter Jackson's King Kong


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Very Good


posted by DudeMan (SWAMPSCOTT, MA) Apr 29, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

33 out of 35 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Generally movie games are garbage. But King Kong manages to rise above the stinky pile of broken and neglected copies of Monster House, Over The Hedge, Cars, and basically every other movie game made since E.T. for the Atari.

-Graphics are significantly better on the Xbox 360 than compared to the Gamecube.

-Solid Gameplay and Simple Controls

-A Very Fun and Easy Game for Beginners and Kids

-Easy Achievements (Just Finish The Game and You Will Have All 1000 Gamerpoints)

-Environments Really Make You Feel Like You Are On Skull Island

-To Short (8-12 Hours for Beginners)

-Not Enough Replay Value (The Extras Included Will Only Give A Couple Extra Hours Entertainment)

Peter Jackson's King Kong is amazing for a movie game, and good enough to be a stand alone Xbox 360 title. Don't pass this game up if you have played the demo and didn't like it or thought that it was hard PLEASE RENT THE FULL GAME! I had no idea what I was doing in the demo but the full game is easy and explains everything you need to know. Basically King Kong is a game that anybody can be good at and have fun with. Definatly worth a RENT!

Thanks For Reading,

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GF Rating

Above Average

How Many Times...

posted by bsudrew (ASPEN, CO) Jul 10, 2007

Member since May 2007

17 out of 21 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

How many times is this game going to force me to find a piece of wood or light weeds on fire? How many times am I going to have to throw a spear at a giant millipede? How many times am I going to wish it would just let me play as Kong?!

That sums up King Kong pretty well. You will spend FAR to much time playing as Jack, which boils down to throwing bones, or spears, and lighting weeds on fire. The environment, although beautiful, is not interactive. Levels are very short and linear, and often predictable, especially if you have seen the movie. Although in the movie, they rescue Anne ONCE, not three times!!!

The thing that makes up for all these flaws is the big man himself. The Kong moments are a blast and visually spectacular. I know that in the movie they dedicated a bulk of their time to making Kong look as good as possible, and it seems the developers did the same for the game. He simply looks amazing. The only thing that hampers these moments are the camera angles, which at times, can be absolutely awful. I think this happens because they tried to get that a cinematic feel. Leave that for the movie, make the game easy to navigate.

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! It is far too short (around 6 hours). It is a great rental for the Kong moments, and if you are an achievement point junkie, it's one of the easiest 1000 points you'll get.

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GF Rating

Above Average

This game falls short...

posted by sNakel337 (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 13, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

35 out of 46 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Ok first of all I've seen the movie so maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the game so much.

The Good: Decent visuals, decent controls, interesting story line(i guess if you didn't watch the movie)...

The Bad: This game will take you no more than 6 hours to complete. It is a complete waste of time if you decide to buy it. It has no replay factor and ALL of the xbox live achievements can be unlocked by playing through the game in a single round.

Final: 6, Hardly worth it. I do not recommend buying this game, only rent.

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