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Peter Jackson's King Kong

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easily stun V-Rexes

When fighting the V-Rexes as Kong, press Y then quickly press A towards the V-Rex to stun them for a short time. This allows you to attack them without being hit.

Passing V-Rex

First, kill bats to get his attention. If that does not work, throw spears then run around the middle wall and throw spears. Next, run around, keep throwing spears, then run through the door.

Getting rid of spiders

To make spiders run off, get a flaming spear and throw it at them.

Easy Kills

When you see little worm like creature you can get it on your spear by pressing \"R\" (with out pressing \"L\")to get them on your spear and throw them so you can get the giant centipedes to eat them for bait then you can kill them easier! 

To The Plane

When you get near the water, quickly go into the shelter. Ask Jimmy to get you some spears. The dinosaur will stick there inside, and you can throw things at it. REMEMBER: When he runs out of them, go to the left. there will be more.

Save ammunition

When facing different things on Skull Island, you should always try to save ammunition. Find bones, sticks, and spears, but do not throw them. Just get up close and press Fire.

Killing smaller dinosaurs

Use the following trick to kill a smaller dinosaur, such as the Velociraptor, easily. Throw a spear directly in its neck or head. REMEMBER: The spear does not need to be on fire.

Trap and kill Venatosaurus

If there are bushes where it is standing, use a fire spear or bone to burn it alive.

Killing V-Rex as Kong

t may be difficult to get some time when the Rexes are not attacking you. However, the very first time you fight the Rexes, there is a ledge which you can climb onto so they cannot attack. However, once you are up there, you will be attacked by the flying