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King of the Kong Reviews

posted by TheBauc1 (MOBILE, AL) May 11, 2006

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This game is better than I expected, but it isn't award winning. The game plays just like a movie, which is good and bad. I liked how you could easily aim with your weapon even though there was no reticle. And there's no health bar so some gamers might not like that (I didn't find these things much of a problem). The levels get pretty repetitive and the enemies are all the same. But hey, it's like that on a lot of games right? There's a good few puzzles and the support AI is good (they actually help you for once!). But the main thing I didn't like was playing as Kong. The camera often times had a mind of its own and controls were a little weird. And you only had a few weapons to choose from when playing as Jack (and ammo is rare so you'll use a lot of spears). But other than that it was a pretty good game. The graphics were good (especially the water), and fighting a T-Rex is intense. Another thing I liked was the voice acting from the movie, Jack Black is awesome. All in all this is a good, but still average game. I give it a 6, out of 10.

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Very Good

In Game of Man vs. Ape, Ape Wins

posted by notBob (RUMFORD, RI) Apr 11, 2006

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King Kong the game follows a storyline similar to the movie, with, for obvious reasons, some adjustments to suit the first-person shooter design. The action starts when you row ashore on Skull Island as Jack, the screenwriter. (Perhaps the story's biggest stretch, the writer as action hero...) You, starlet Ann, producer Carl, and first mate Hayes start off traveling as a group. The game eases you in, teaching you how to solve the basic problems through interactions with the other characters. The seamless nature of this is impressive. And it's cool to be strolling around an island with Jack Black (who lends his actual voice).

You move across Skull Island in mission-based segments as you get to the eventual task, rescuing Anne from the clutches of the big ape who rules the island. Along the way, other characters help you out, giving a real sense that you're playing through the movie. There were only two points when I got hung up by one of those ridiculous swarm of enemies/annoyingly impossible jumps. The missions are varied enough to hold your interest, and the movie immersion is a plus. Though, as far as FPS games go, Kong's not going to go down as one of history's most groundbreaking.

But that's okay, because first-person shooter stuff is only half the game. When you're not Jack, you're Kong. Snap the jaws of your first T-Rex and you're hooked.

The game's ending is a little anti-climatic. But the game redeems itself by serving up an alternate ending you can unlock if you win enough points by replaying chapters.

Final verdict: Don't give up on the FPS. Playing as Kong is not to be missed.

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Above Average

Not that Good!

posted by xcalithugx (MODESTO, CA) May 1, 2006

Member since Sep 2005

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GOOD- It shows clips from the movie once in a while.Its the real Jack Black from the movie talking with new things not just samples from his parts on the film.You can use a lot of stuff from the enviroments and use them as weapons, but that just like sticks and bones.You can stab a fly thingy or a fish and use it as bait and throw it for attention.

BAD- Graphics could be a lot better.I played it for a long time trying to get to a Kong part and the first time i was him it was for like 2 seconds compared to how long i was the Driscoll guy.Too many of the same dinosaur things.Every time u fight sumthing its always a dang bat lookin thingy.All you do is bascicly throw sticks and bones at flying birds and raptors.

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