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Pet Pals: Animal Doctor

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Really Bad

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posted by Shoogle (BEAVER, PA) Jul 28, 2011

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The graphics are nice enough - cute animals with difficulties you have to address. But good grief is it needlessly complex to choose a tool/implement/next patient ... ANYTHING! My daughter was really frustrated and then her mother became even more so attempting to make sense of it all. Boo.

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"Pet Pals" I can do without

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 7, 2008

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The local animal center is in deep financial trouble, and it's up to you to save it by treating several different types of animals - from cats to dogs to fish to turtles to horses.
Wait - this sounds a lot like Zoo Hospital: Domesticated Edition.
If only that were the biggest problem with Pet Pals: Animal Doctor. It's not.
In this game, you treat up to 30 patients that suffer from a variety of illnesses with tools (just like Zoo Hospital).
But the controls are clunky and imprecise - finding the right body part to perform a procedure was made tough because I can't get close enough to the animal to hone in on that body part.
Finding the right tool is also a problem; they're gathered into four groups by some strange logic that I don't get.
Once I got the right tool, using it was hit or miss - even with a big circle telling me where to apply a syringe or an IV tube, I would have to press the A button several times in order for it to work.
To make matters worse, the instructions given are not clear. In one case I have to examine a leg of a parrot, so I examined it's left leg.
The game penalized me because it wanted me to examine the right leg. What difference does that make?
Also, the game makers don't realize that the paw is part of the leg; if they wanted me to do a procedure on the upper part of the leg, they have to tell me that. "Check the leg" isn't specific enough.
Still, the operations are very short (about four minutes each), and they tend to repeat a lot. This gives about two hours of game play; not a lot.
In a vain attempt to pad out the game, they added three forgettable mini games: A memory game, a trivia game and a puzzle game. All three lack originality or presentation.
It's too bad the game's no joy to play; it offers a lot of insight to diseases animals suffer from and how to treat them.
But Pet Pals: Animal Doctor is a badly made game. SKIP IT.

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