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A New Experience

posted by eziel110 (HAHIRA, GA) Feb 11, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

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I am an avid RPG player and have been playing RPGs since Final Fantasy on the NES. My bias maybe that I am not really into futuristic RPGs, unless they have a medieval feel to them. I have read that some folks have played the later versions and this was a great addition to a classic. Probably the same sentiments when I'm paying Final Fantasy I, because I've played all the other games.

It gave me a new experience with the battle mechanics, this was not a simple select attack on any enemy. There was a high value on positioning your teams in a pattern to correctly and effectively attack the enemy.
There was a nice combination of various attack types. Melee, Guns and Persona.
For the time it was originally released the story line was acceptable.
Moving around in various maps, such as the city or building was not your normal views for moving as you'd expect playing other RPGs. This was a nice deviation after I got use to it.

Seemed repetitive with fights once you got your formations set up.
Hard time understanding which Personas were elements of what and knowing which enemy to attack with which ones.
A lot of traveling via the city map and building going between floors.
When you are looking for items to assist in the quest, you can have a tough time looking for them as it's not always apparent.
The genre of the game was directed more at middle or high school students with the story.
Sometimes the formations were difficult to get right to ensure optimal attack spreads.
Using multiple characters made it diffult as they had certain attack patterns, so they had to be in particular formations to be effective and if you had multiple characters of the same attack type it made one generally useless.

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posted by Joserin (FRESNO, CA) Aug 30, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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I probably set this game up for failure to begin with, because the first persona game I ever played was Persona 3, but I tried to keep an open mind... and still was disappointed. :(

My brother played the game as well, and shared my sentiments. So I'll just do a Pro's/Con's list.

Pro's: Beautiful intro, good soundtrack, good cutscenes.
Con's: Bad story, ugly sprites, weird 1st person perspective in buildings, very slow battle system, bad persona designs, annoying point distribution.

We (my brother and I) put around 3-5 hours into this game, and genuinely could not push through any further. Even while keeping in mind that it is an old playstation game remade for the PSP, the character designs were poor, there's no deep story around the personas or their appearance/summoning, and it's a hassle to deal with some of the practical in-game features used to progress.

Overall it seemed like Persona was the awkward launching pad to an amazing series. So, I still recommend trying it for yourself to form your own opinion, and then go play persona 3 and 4 to see what an amazing series this game gave birth to.

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Unenjoyable gameplay and frequent loading

posted by RamCow (HONOLULU, HI) Jan 17, 2010

Member since Aug 2007

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I'll start off by saying that I haven't played the other Peronas like the other review writers so I didn't have any prior exposure to the series. I had heard good things about the series and was pretty excited about trying it. I was pretty disappointed.

However, I think if someone has no prior exposure to the series, there's not really much saving grace to the game by itself. The only positive things I can say about the game is that I enjoy that it's in modern times which is not frequently done in an RPG and the overall story is actually interesting.

The dialogue is pretty terrible so you have to look past it to see the story and there is nothing positive to say about the gameplay. The fighting is a bore and I felt the repetition after a few battles. The transition from the dungeon RPG to battles to areas for story progression results in frequent load times that get extremely frustrating. You soon realize that you spend more time in load screens than actually playing the game.

If you have no prior connection to Persona, this is probably not a good game to introduce yourself to the series.

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