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Brilliant Reboot of the Original!

posted by austereavenue (CONCORD, CA) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I'll start off by saying that the original Persona 4 is hands-down one of my all-time favorite games. Having clocked in almost 200 hours on it has seriously drilled the story and characters into my memory. I love it THAT much.

I was not disappointed in the slightest with P4G. They take the original P4 and build on it to make it even better - new characters, new cutscenes, new Personas, new endings, new options to play with. It's not overkill, mind you. Everything ties in and captures the overall 'feel' of the original P4.

Don't doubt this title. Not even for a second. It will strike a chord within you and as you progress into the game, you will feel a true bond with the cast, as is typical for the Persona series. Nonetheless, this game is incredible.

The main reason I bought a Vita, in fact.

It's THAT good.

If you're a long-time RPG fan, this should be a no-brainer for you. Rent it. Play it. You know what, honestly - I'll bet you're going to want to buy it. Seriously.

If you're a newcomer to RPGs, go ahead and give it a try. You're bound to find something you like, whether it be the characters, gameplay, storyline... it won't disappoint.

I'll keep this part short and simple. They took a near-perfect game (Persona 4) and added on to it to make it perfect (Persona 4 Golden).

You won't regret it. :)

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Took My JRPG Virginity

posted by SteveOIdaho (MOSCOW, ID) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

If you have never played a JRPG before, or just happen to be the guy who created Final Fantasy, Persona 4 The Golden is for you. I love this game because it feels like something that anyone can enjoy, but more importantly it is a game that you won't understand why you enjoy it. Every mechanic, plot point, and character in this game is top notch. I do not give this game a 10 out of 10 lightly, I truly believe that it is a masterpiece.
If you have a Vita and don't already own this game you are doing yourself a great disservice. When you are done with the game's 40+ hour campaign you can check out the other Persona games on the Playstation Network, all playable on PSVIta.

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Not a game for everybody despite the reviews

posted by Severen (GRAHAM, WA) Feb 4, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Persona 4 for PS Vita

+ Great Graphics.
+ Great Style.
+Modern Setting.
+ Good Battle system.
+ Traditional JRPG.

- Lots of Loading and while brief it is frequent and annoying.
- Annoying English Voice Actors and could not find an option for Original Japanese Voices.
- Not for Everyone despite reviews saying otherwise.

I have only played the original Persona on PS1 and remembered liking it ok so when I got a new Vita and was looking for games to rent I saw the rave reviews and gave it a rent. I will say it is not a bad game just an average JRPG with a cool setting. The dream sequence battle scenes were the highlight and pretty fun. The rest of the game is a cel shaded version of high school life. The voice actors are really annoying and a couple of the girls wil make you want to turn off the game they are so bad. Also the loading times are very frequent. Most are not very long thankfully but do happen way too much. If you love JRPG's then you will probably like it and have a good time. If you don't then try the demo first since despite reviews claiming it the greatest game ever, it is for genre fans only. Good game but not for everyone.

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