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132 dark hours

posted by happythug (VANCOUVER, WA) Jul 6, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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Wow, first this is the longest RPG I've ever played.

I've played persona games before, and I have to admit in the past they have been too hard and frustrating, but this one nails it. The different game modes offers a perfect contrast to keep things rolling and rarely do you get bored. When you have to go and be social at school to make better persona's available to you its more fun than it sounds and very rewarding. Battle is often a very intense all or nothing struggle to exploit the enemies weakness. The tension at some points in the game is very high. The difference between a perfect win and agonizing defeat might only be who went first. So its important to catch the enemies off guard. You can do this with consistency because each group of monsters is represented by a shadowy avatar in the game world that you can surprise or be surprised by, it just takes a bit of clever running around and timing to avoid getting surprised, though laziness will still cause it to happen and you might even die!

All the main characters have rich personalities that in general are not totally stereo typical. The complete immersion into japanese culture is a learning experience and actually pretty interesting.

At the end of battle you often get to choose from shuffling cards to win new persona masses of extra experience, items or money. Carefully selecting what card you want is a bit of a mini game in itself and helps keep the pace exciting during long dungeon runs.

FUN FUN FUN, but I will mention my only complaints now.

The Graphics are acceptable, but really not very interesting. The dungeon, while it might have some psychedelic backgrounds that look cool is pretty much a blank empty space where monsters run, not very interesting at all.

Rarely you will end up with too much social networking time and no one to network with so you will just have to sleep through your day.

Bottom line, 132 hours of gaming, 125 of them were fun.

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need more rpgs like this.

posted by PlayBizzle (SANTA ROSA, CA) May 22, 2009

Member since Jun 2005

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I loved this game i bought FES and 4 because of this it took away from me playing ps3 games on my ps3 lol, it is on the longer side but if you like JRPGs this is one of the best. Has a great story, i doesnt really feel like the other SMTs kinda felt like they just put his branding on it so it would sell but they really didnt need to this game was great. worth the rent for sure and in my case its a buyer.

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An unforgettable experience

posted by Loyalgamer (COVENTRY, CT) Jan 12, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

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Cutscene: A couple slow breaths, a shot on the monster ready to pounce on a helpless victim, another slow breath, a teenager holds a gun and thinks of what to do with it. He holds it with two hands curious of what he can do he slowly places it to the side of his head and slowly utters the word, "Persona." BANG!! A spirit comes out of his head and your first fight begins.

I was hooked for a seventy hour journey at that scene and I eagerly await a chance to sit through it again.

This game is epic! It takes place during a standard japanese school year. You have until the end of the school year to complete the game's objectives. On the final day of the school year, YOU CANNOT LEAVE THE DUNGEON YOU MUST BEAT THE GAME.

During the day you attend school and afterward you can improve your social links, attend events, or at night choose to go to the only dungeon called Tartarus. Tartarus is a massive labyrinth that appears only at night and it is where you're RPG elements and social link status are applied.

The controls are easy, the menus are well explained, and the elements are customizable to your needs.

The story will suck you in quickly and you will only come up for air once in a while or to sleep but this game won't get out of your head. The soundtrack is superb and even when you're done playing you'll be asking yourself what do I do next when I pick up the controller again.

This is one of my favorite games and I wanted to share my great experiences with you hoping that you will give this dark horse a try and maybe enjoy it as much as I did.

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