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Payday 2

posted by robert_Jovy2009 (RENO, NV) Aug 9, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

Played this game with good expectations, but when actually playing the game the graphics wasn't what I expected, also when trying to shoot at the responding police or other characters very hard to hit them from distant very sluggish Would I recommend this game to rent or buy NO I wouldn't needs to go back and re-done over where worth the time to play the game

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I look forward to (possibly?) Payday 3

posted by KJB123 (DEBARY, FL) Aug 7, 2014

Member since May 2012

Graphics / 6 - Not really too much to look at, but I did enjoy all the gunfire

Story / 6 - You're a criminal doing illegal stuff, and killing a lot of cops, swat, and heavily armored military units to boot. But man oh man does that cold hard cash feel nice!

Sound and Music / 7 - Not the best but not the worst. Music gets tedious after awhile, but even after many listens and breakthroughs, it always seems to fire me up. Try playing without it sometimes for a change in pace. You'll hear the bullets fly and strike walls, the tactics of the enemy, and etc.

Gameplay / 7 - I gave the gameplay a solid 7. It's fast paced, and challenging (by God can it be challenging), but soooo addictive in large part because of the upgrades you receive. Not only that, you can re-spec your upgrades (change them around if you want a different style), and you get to wear different masks.

Overall / I gave Payday 2 a 7. It would've been nice if there was more blood, tighter physics, a covering system, choice of third person, a larger upgrade tree, the choice to upgrade your squad, and the ability to carry more than 2 weapons. If Payday 3 comes around, or another production from this company, I'll be there ;)

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online only

posted by philly87 (DALLAS, TX) Jul 28, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

this game is meant for online play only. also u better have some friends to jump in with u. i have way to many problems with this game to mention, but i do have to point out one. even though this is a online based game, they dont have a way to where random people can team up in a orderly fashion. u can jump into the middle of someones heist and also u can't control computer a.i. so most of the time ur just winging it. dont get this game unless u and some 3 buddies r playing to play it together call of duty or gta5 style.

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