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posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Aug 18, 2013

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While you'd think the game would have something fun in it to keep you entertained... Sounding cool, a HEIST game that is four player co-op... BUT, It falls short in repetition without any true entertaining elements.

Usually when I play a half-complete game I will look for what they place a lot of time into the game. The only thing that seem to have a lot of effort placed into it would be the menus and video recordings they had done.

But you can get the game for 30 dollars and... If you like repetitive gameplay ... You may like the title?

They could have added minigames for tasks of lockpicking, but instead you hold one button for EVERY side task... An the only different of task is that one takes longer than the other... Had they a mini game for lockpicking or safe cracking... Tasks could be done as easily depending on how fast the player could do them... Sure that sounds cool and its NOT in this title.

There is many parts of the game they could have made better.
EVEN THE TEXTURES... They could have made better adaptive lighting, added some shaders, and at LEAST had a good visual appeal. Nope.

I do not understand how a player can be detected during casing mode...The mode where you are just looking around the level. Some how the AI just know that you are about to do the heist... An once the heist begins all of the AI already knows that you are the bad guy, even without the mask being on..

IT just doesn't make sense.

I later found the game started off as a MOD of Left 4 Dead... That means, it use to be an expansion to another game. They should have try to use another game engine. They could have used Crytek's free license for the engine.. OR used UDK. I believe the game runs on the valve's source engine...?

If you place a incomplete title on the shelf you going to get some flak for it. THE MENUS LOOK NICE THOUGH--BEing the only part that does look nice.

The game is incomplete and shouldn't been released.

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So. Bad.

posted by Darth_Tater (HENDERSON, NV) Aug 26, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

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Worst game I have ever played. Enemy A.I. sucks. Friendly A.I. sucks. Graphics are terrible. If you can get past all that, then there are glitches where you randomly fall through the map forever. Can't believe this game was released... Would rather clean the catbox and do laundry all day than have to play this game... wow

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It was hard!!!

posted by GIL26 (RENO, NV) Apr 18, 2014

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The game was hard playing by yourself it is better playing on onlinecrimenet but if you dont have enough skill points people will kick you off. Also it is very hard to get the masks another bad part almost all your money goes to your offshore account an you cant use any of the money so its pointless.

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