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Very Good

Best Rental w/ a Friend

posted by nightfox07 (NAPA, CA) Dec 16, 2013

Member since Dec 2011

Bored? Have friends that are bored too? Pay Day 2 is a must-rent...pulling off stealthy missions is gratifying enough on its own. The heist planning/missions that you were expecting in GTA V with a FPS view is what you get with Pay Day 2. Needs DLC/splitscreen otherwise it would be a 10.

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Not much of a payday really.

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Nov 30, 2013

Top Reviewer

Member since Mar 2008

Please note this review is based on the few hours I was able to stomach this game I didn't complete it.

The concept sounded good: Perform various heists, upgrade your crew, score big. Yah!!! Well not so much really. The graphics are a bit dated and the movement seems off. Although you can adjust the sensitivity it's either too much or too little so it really doesn't help. You can get a variety of different weapons and masks to wear and modify the problem is actually getting enough money for anything. My first mission was a complete success. I took care of business and walked home with around $75,000 in a score. Or at least I thought. Turns out a good 98% of whatever you steal get's funneled to an offshore account which you can't touch (or at least as far as I've played). I ended up with only like $3,000 in spendable cash. What?! So I played some more, did more jobs, and the same result every single time. Most of the money goes offshore and I'm left with crumbs for my trouble. What's the point if I can't spend what I steal? You level up as you play and can unlock new talents. Problem here is you need both skill points AND money. Everything costs money in the game which wouldn't be so bad if you can spend what you steal. Also during jobs it's impossible to be stealthy. Once someone sees you the screen lights up with warnings then the cops come. Wave after wave after wave of cops and swat. It gets really boring really fast as all you really can do is hunker down somewhere and shoot the endless stream of law that comes at you.

Play the bad guy and go on heists.

Dated graphics.

Boring gameplay.
Unusable funds from heists.

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bad to da bone

posted by knub420 (MARRERO, LA) Nov 30, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

I had so much fun playing this game that I used some of my reward points from game stop and got it for free, brand new, and I even made some friends throw the game

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