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Payday 2 - Co-Op It Up!

posted by Coyoteman (FREDERICK, CO) Aug 19, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

15 out of 17 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Payday 2 is a true Co-Op. No other game rewards teamwork as much as this. If you have a crew, can invest the time, and can look past some minor shallow design decisions, Payday 2 will pay off.

Pros - Tight gunplay, addictive gameplay, intelligent AI, high replayability, fresh rewarding system, decend strategy.

Cons - Time consuming, maps could use more variation, occasionally laggy, medium graffic quality.

Gunplay feels great and is reminiscent of the movie HEAT in multiple ways. All out AR fights in the streets, moving critical high value cargo, and making a break for it launch you into the experience! Firefights seem quite realistic, assisted greatly by the gun dynamics and fluid AI. AI flanks, groups up, and frequently alters the robber's line of defense. Tense fights alway seem just on the brink of cracking. Graphics can't hold up to AAA titles but do the job.

Payday 2 will not be for everyone. Team coordination is recommended otherwise failure is likely. This will immediately discourage lone wolf type players. However, successful teamwork reaps great rewards. Big payoffs usually results from effective coordination - backing each other, healing, providing ammunition and covering entrance points while breaking in, gathering and organizing the loot. Communication is key.

Weapons, masks, and mods are the big rewards in the game randomly selected after a payday (successful mission). Weapon customization is pretty rare since you have to obtain the "just right" modification for your owned weapon. On the flip side, getting the "just right" modification is very rewarding and satisfying without feeling overpowered. The variations in weapons and masks are extremely vast and more involved than most FPSes.

Each overall map layout is unchanged, however is offset varying mission lengths, good map selection, and varying difficulties.

Payday 2 is a truly rewarding game that best played with 3 other friends for those ready to get paid. Highly recommended for

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one of the best coop experinces to date

posted by fire5idedata (CRESCO, PA) Aug 26, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

this game is a game which is best played with a group of friends or with 3 people you met online paying the game with mics. this is soley a coop game i dont even know why the put a single player in this game because the ai cant do anything but revive.

this game made me keep coming bac because it's possible to do most of the missions without the cops coming. this aspect kept me coming back to mission seeking perfection.

great leveling system with skill trees.
mask customization.
randomized level terrian
weapon customization
the randomized payday system.

single player is horrible
at the moment there arent very missions to chose from when finding a game.

in my opinion if you are buying this game for single player you are buying for the wrong reasons but if you are looking for a great game to play with people online
this is the game for you.

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meh....just okay

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Aug 21, 2013

Member since Dec 2009

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

It is an improved game from the first Payday. I would even go so far as to say it can be somewhat enjoyable.

The problem is that it is just fair in almost every way (graphics, controls, etc.). One of the biggest flaws in my opinion is no split screen co-op. It is a game that screams for this, but only online is available.

It is a decent rent. It is just a letdown as a really good studio with enough budget could make this a really good game.

1) new progression system gives something to play for
2) co-op can be fun
3) better than the 1st one

1) graphics aren't good
2) controls aren't tight
3) no split screen co-op

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