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Boring and Repetetive

posted by Silvara (SAN MARTIN, CA) Apr 6, 2008

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First things first. In order to get anywhere, when you first start walk up to the computer in the house then hit the A button. This will bring up the menu to the Expansions section. Without doing this, you cannot do ANYthing. Choose expansions, then Rodents, and click on the listing that says 1st enclosure built, No. The No will change to YES and you hit okay. Then go to the stairway in the next room, walk up to that, and hit the A button again. If it is after 12:00 you will be allowed to choose to go to the next day. It won't let you skip days if it's before 12, or if there is a customer coming up the path.

Day 2 will have the rabbit enclosure magically built on the property. Customers will come and the animals will appear in the pen. To interact, go into the pen and hit the A button again. (Food is done the same way, go to the first room in the building, hit A and move the food into the menu that appears.) After that, it's completely repetitive and boring. To pass the first level/scenario, you have to do all the things it has in your list. This means even if the rabbits aren't sick, you need to medicate them anyhow. After the 1st level is over, you start ALL OVER AGAIN and do the same thing for the 2nd level. Why? Who knows. If you don't mind doing exactly the same thing all the time, get this game. If it sounds as boring to you as it was for me to play, skip this and get something else.

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No fun at all

posted by prettyslee (WESTERVILLE, OH) Feb 25, 2008

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We have three kids who tried this game from ages 8 to twelve. They all hated it.

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Give the Game Some Credit

posted by Lindsey1 (PALATINE, IL) Jul 14, 2008

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There are just a few simple things you need to do to get started. Go into the computer room and open the menu by pressing A and click expansions, the first expansion for every animal is free so get them all. After the clock says 12:00 you can go into the far right room and go by the stairs and open the menu by pressing "A" and click
"Finish Day". After that you should have more rooms and get people coming to drop off their animals. Hope this helps!

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