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GF Rating


Rough storyline, decent gameplay

posted by Pathfinder (FARMINGTON, CT) Jan 25, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Pariah is a good game to pass the time. From the first few moments, after the introductory animation sequence and into the beginning level, the game promises an intriguing storyline along with decent game play and reasonable graphics. The into animation gives you enough of the story to hook you in, and the graphics are quite well thought out. Game play itself offers upgradeable weaponry, interactive objects in the environment that do a decent job at representing true physics, and levels that do offer the kind of 'duck and cover' tactics so prevalent in FPS genre. The graphics, too, are enjoyable to look at, even after the novelty of the first level wears off.

However, the limitations are noticeable. For instance, the storyline seems disjoint at best, with no clear reason for the player to travel through this gauntlet of machine gun fire and simple 'find the button that opens the door' puzzles. It's not to say that FPS-style games need that detailed a storyline, but if the attempt was made, might as well back it up. Also, the weapons are pretty run-of-the-mill, without any real surprises, or anything particularly fun to use (although, it does come with a sniper rifle... I got to give it credit for that!) I found limitations to level boundaries very annoying, tantamount to an invisible wall in the middle of the hill you're trying to climb. These sort of quick fixes almost seem to patronize the user. It's not enough to impede play, but enough to notice and enter into my pet peeve category. Also, the inability to save progress manually (it does this automatically throughout the game), I find as particularly annoying, but that's just personal preference.

Overall, Pariah is a reasonably fun game to play, though don't expect much from the storyline. Action can become repetitive, but it's a good game to pass the time.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very under-rated game

posted by 0oAk1rAo0 (FLINT, MI) May 28, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

12 out of 15 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

---I want to start by saying that this game simply does not get the respect that it deserves. It excels on many levels that people tend to overlook very easily. I am not saying that there are no shortcomings in Pariah, but it definitely deserves more than the 5.9 average score that I have found on many sites.

---The main reason that I would recommend this game to somebody would be for the campaign mode that incorporates a very impressive amount of detail in the level design, a new twist on game strategy “weapon upgrades”, and the Unreal Engine which provides for impressive physics and lighting. The strategy from the weapon upgrades gives you the ability to give your weapons special functions such as homing rockets, grenade detonation, exploding plasma, and armor penetrating rounds. The strategy comes in the cost of the upgrades since you will not find nearly enough upgrade tokens to upgrade all your weapons fully.

---The multiplayer is ok… as far as the cooperative play, which is very refreshing to see somewhere outside of Halo. There are also bots that you can add and play against in a variety of different Multiplayer variants. The bots are fairly competent, but will not knock your socks off by any stretch of the imagination. The disappointing part of the Bots in the multiplayer is that you cannot add them to your created maps.
---The main downfall of the multiplayer is that you cannot add a kill limit, bot limit, or any other option for that matter besides the bot skills level unless you are online. This can get very frustrating very quickly.

---The main point of this jabbering review is to let you know that I think that this game is definitely worth a play, if not worth a buy for anyone who is a FPS fan. I consider myself a credible source since I have played most of the First Person Shooters available and I am a huge fan of the Genre. So, if you find yourself reading this review to this point; Try this game because I think you will enjoy it.

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GF Rating


worth to rent but not to buy

posted by airjordan (EL CAJON, CA) Jul 30, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

ok when i saw the trailers and stuff for this game they looked like it would be a real fun game.but when i played it the game was clunky the controlling is ok but there is some big glitch in here.and the story isn't very good the gun or normal graphics ok. but the main glitch in this game was when i did the vechile type of missions i was riding on a tri motorcycle and i go up a rock i fly through the air and get stuck in in the rock meaning i was actually in the rock and can't get out and this happened in some other areas to making be restart and also when i went up a jump and hit a tree and i fell through the hill and died. other than thatch games ok to play for a couple of days but not to buy.

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