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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

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paper mario

posted by smartgamer (JOHNSTOWN, NY) Jul 7, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

This game rocked i beat it in bout' 37 hours and i lived it the whole game rocks.

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this game has a lot of surprises!

posted by actionman (MISSION, TX) Jul 2, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

Surprise surprise!This is one of my favorites!now the surprise is that if you shrink yourself and find the fault in the wall to see the owner!any way i give this game a perfect ten even though its hard.

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Very Good

A fun and casual RPG.

posted by GameflyMan (MAPLE VALLEY, WA) Jun 26, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

Paper Mario for the Nintendo Gamecube is fun RPG that will provide you many hours of entertainment. The game does a good job of moving along the story between various chapters, giving you the perspective of Peach(kidnapped again of course) as well as Bowser and X-nauts your main protagonist.

Gameplay: Gameplay is quite enjoyable, it features a turned based fighting system that also includes various key presses to increase damage, guard against attacks or pull of special moves. The controls work well for what you need to do. There are various OPTIONAL side tasks you can do including the "Pit of Trials" a 100 level romp in which you slowly descend down the pit until you hit the ultimate fight. Its a test of endurance with no saving.

Length: It took me 33 hours to complete the game. I skipped a great deal of the side tasks including the bottom half of the "Pit of 100 trails" as well as the Pianta parlor mini-games and the little side tasks you can do were you fix peoples 'troubles'. I imagine doing all of these could get you into the 40-50 hr range.

Graphics: The game looks good graphically, I only noticed one bit of slow down towards the end of the game in one particular area.

Saving: Saving occurs at special boxes marked with an S. They occur pretty frequently, approx 30min max between saves I would guess.

Bottomline: A fun game that although lacking the story depth of say a Final Fantasy game will still provide a lot of fun entertainment.

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