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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Honey Candy

First get a Cake Mix and a Honey Syrup. Get a cake mix at the pinata parlor and get a honey syrup at the main plaza shop. After you get them, mix them together and you'll get a honey candy.

How to Beat Iron Clefts

To beat Iron Clefts, use Yoshi's gulp move. You'll need 8FP for this, 4FP per turn.

Plane Mode

Go to a plane panel and press Y to turn into a plane.

Hidden Chest

In the grey place with the top right corner of a little paper blow with the purple fly lady and blow on it. you will find a little chest with an item in it!

Winning the last battle

When you're fighting the shadow queen,have your partner heal you and have Mario use his badge move "Power smash" nonstop on the queen and pretend the hands aren't there.

Coin theft

When your trying to find PROFFESOR FRANKLY you goto the right and someone muggs you right? You lose half your coins right? Not unless you want to get the money back yea thats right go back through the door when the guy muggs you and go past the hanging thing and go in the doorway. (not a door) and go left and go in the house talk to the guy and you get your 50 coins back!

Coin theft

At the start of the game, when the bandit steals half of your coins, go into the back alley go left into the house and there is the bandit talk to him and he will give you back your coins.

Increase your partners power

When you have Admiral Bobbery in your party and Merlin has powered up all of your partners, later on, he will tell you something about Hooktail castle. When he does, go to Hooktail Castle. Then get to the room where you got cursed for the second time. Then go to the right side of the room and throw Bobbery at the wall. It should brake then go in, hit the switch, and you will get an Up-arrow. Then give it to Merlin and He'll let you power your partners more.

Stolen coins

If your coins get stolen go to the middle of Rougeport and go through the arche in the back. When you get there go left and as far back as you can go. Then go in the very last door and there's the bandit. Talk to him and he'll give you back your coins.

Hit insane high, partner, or Mario

First, get 999 coins, how ever way, or get some way that you know will get a bunch of money. Next, go to Pianta Parlor, buy as many pianta tokens as you can with your 999+ coins, next, go and buy items from the cat ghost owner. See the Power Rushes/P? buy those till your tokens are gone. Next, seeing how the discription goes of the Power Rushes. You will have to become a Danger Mario. how to do this, go to Chet Rippos Adjustment House. How do I get there? First, go down the pipe near Frankly's hut, see that cracked wall? blow it up with Admirle Bobbery. go through the new pipe, walk in the back ground to the new house. It takes 39 coins out of your pocket. 39 coins for 3 BP, 103 (34 tokens) coins for 1 Power Rush, 309 coins to cover the BP points from Chet Rippos, 449 coins to hit a 6, not counting the amount you already hit.

How to beat Cortez

For his first form use your Yoshi you created. For his sencond form use Admiral Bobbery. For his last form use Vivian.

Select Yoshi's color

Start a new game and enter the name of a color for a name. When Yoshi joins your party during the game, he will appear as that color.

Ghost's name

In Chapter 4, the ghost that you fought and that takes over Mario asks you to guess his name. His name is Doopliss.

Never ending game

After you defeat Shadow Queen, the credits, and Gommbella tells you about your partner, you will go back to Rougeport.

Easy money

Go buy from the toad bros shop in rogueport square as much of sleepy sheep you can carry or store then go sell them in the Petalburg shop for 2 coins profit each.

Jelly Ultra

To get a jammin jelly and an ultra shroom, go to the place where gloomtail is. when u beat him, blast the wall behind him and you'll get them. them go to zess t to mix em up to get a jelly ultra. it heals 50 hp and 50 fp.

Coin theft

In the beginning, when you go find PROFESSOR FRANKLY in the east part of Rouges port; waste all your coins so the bandit doesn't steal them. (buy items at the shop to waste money)

How to beat Hooktail

Before fighting Hooktail, get the Sound Changing Badge in the jail cell at Hooktail Castle. The sound is a cricket noise, and is Hooktail's weakness.

How to beat the Shadow Queen

Make sure that you have 60 HP, 60 FP, and 30 BP. When you fight her just as Peach use Vivian as your partner. Then. use the spinning jump and Vivian's Shade Fist until the Shadow Queen turns into her other form. Then switch to Koops. Use his power shell to attack the hands and the body. Then, use the Power Smash badge. Also, when she adds 7 more to her next attack, use either Koops' Shell Shield or Vivians Veil. Make sure both Koops' and Vivian's level is at the highest. Repeat this and you should be able to win. Do not forget to heal and make sure you have a lot of Life Shrooms.

Pit Of 100 Trials Easy money

With Ms. Mowz in your party and in the Pit Of 100 Trials, after about level 40, enemies will start to hold badges every so often. If you steal them with Ms. Mowz's Kiss Thief, you can sell them for about 100 to 250 coins.

Wario clothes

To get Wario's clothes for Mario, go to the central area of Rougeport with 360 Coins. There should be a merchant with a large mustache. He sells something called a Wario Emblem from time to time. It is a badge that requires no badge points to wear.

Where to Star pieces

In the main area, use Ground Pound in front of the gallows. If done correctly, you will either see a plate form jump up or a Star piece will come out of the ground. Go behind any pipe in the game and you will usually find a Star piece.